Peace has broken out all over the 8th District.  In an email this afternoon, Matthew Berry, former GOP candidate for Congress, endorsed Patrick Murray.  Berry’s comments were very gracious.  With this, the Republican ticket is unified and strong going into the fall general election campaign. 

Here’s the e-mail Berry sent around this afternoon:


                                                                                                        August 3, 2010

Since the June 8 primary, many people have asked me the following question: who will you be voting for in November?  I therefore wanted to share my decision with you; I will be voting for Patrick Murray, the GOP nominee for Congress in Virginia’s 8th District.

I have reached this conclusion for three principal reasons.  First, when it comes to the major issues facing our country, I agree with Patrick far more than I agree with either of the two other candidates on the ballot.  Second, if elected, Patrick is the only candidate who will vote to give Republicans control of the U.S. House of Representatives.   And third, my objections to Jim Moran’s disgraceful conduct remain as strong today as they were during the primary campaign.

The stakes in this year’s elections are enormous.  We will either begin to restore fiscal responsibility to Washington or we will continue to borrow and spend our way to insolvency.  We will either begin to institute pro-growth tax and regulatory policies to restore the millions of jobs lost in the recession or we will continue to head down the path of higher taxes and more job-killing regulations.  We will either empower individuals to make important decisions about their own lives or we will continue to empower the federal government to make more of those decisions for us.

When it comes to each of the vital choices outlined above, I believe that Patrick is generally on the right side while Jim Moran and Ron Fisher are generally on the wrong side.  Consequently, I have concluded that casting my ballot for Patrick this November is the right thing to do.  It is my hope that those who honored me with their votes in the primary will make the same decision. 


All the best,