Election Recap Part II – 11th District

This I find incredibly interesting. Shortly after Pat Herrity entered the race, rumors where making the rounds that Keith Fimian should drop and let Pat run. However, Keith won by double-digits!

All across the county there is an anti-incumbent mood. Being on the Board of Supervisors, Herrity was seen as the incumbent and Keith was the “outsider.” While I have deep respect for Pat, I was never impressed by his campaign organization. He seriously lacked money, his website was never updated, and his campaign had “lapel sticker wars.” All he had was his “home base” of Springfield and his long list of endorsements. I guess in the end the grassroots beats the endorsements.

I desperately hope that VA-11 can join hands and notice the real goal – defeating Gerry Connolly. He’s got to go. His reckless spending and voting with Nancy Pelosi 90% of the time is unacceptable. In a year where Obama or Warner can’t turn out more votes for him, its now or never.

Finally, it will be very interesting to see what happens with Pat Herrity. I highly doubt he’ll turn around and run for Chairman. (After all, it was too close in Fairfax) I guess this means we’re going to see Chairman Tom Davis again.

For more insight, visit Not Larry Sabato’s post. He makes some interesting points that I think all in all I agree with.

Also, of note – turnout was higher than in the 2008 Democratic primary.