I’ll be doing a 3 part series on the primary results. Part I will focus on the 8th District, Part II will focus on the 11th, and Part 3 will focus on the primaries held in VA-01, VA-05, and VA-02.

PART I: The 8th District.

The Good News: 13, 784 people showed up to vote!! That’s more people than in the 2008 Republican and Democratic primary! The fact that more people are showing up for Republican primaries than a Democratic primary in a Democratic year is huge news. Now, on to the bad news.

I really wish I could say that the better man won. However that is not the case. Last night was a chilling repeat of the 2008 primary. For the 2nd congressional primary in a row, lying beat ideas and excitement. Patrick Murray was down in volunteers, money, and excitement. As such, the Murray campaign Mike Lane decided to play the “gay card,” telling people not to vote for Matthew because he was gay. This is disgusting.

If you were at the Matthew Berry party last night, you would notice that the average age in the room was about 3o. Young people were everywhere. The future of our party was there. Murray’s campaign crowd was older, and full of party purists. I guess 8th district voters prefer being pure rather than winning.

I stand by 100% everything that I said during the primary and will not take any of it down. In fact, I might post more. Patrick Murray did not follow his campaign’s code of ethics, instead, opting to listening to  Mike Lane, who has singlehandedly ruined the 8th district’s chances of beating Jim Moran in what should be a great year for Republicans. Instead of a candidate with money, an army of volunteers, party support, we have a candidate who is $20,000 in debt, campaigns in the wrong district, and who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about running a decent campaign. Perhaps that’s why his home town, Alexandria, rejected him.

Mike Lane, who won a special election in Arlington (and lost re-election that same year), is the reason that we are going to lose in November. When I interviewed Patrick Murray, he seemed like an honorable guy. However, Lane only know divisive politics. Good luck raising money from a pissed off electorate. Murray won by getting Democrats to vote for him, and by scaring voters into thinking that Berry has a “gay agenda.”

Mike Lane, don’t expect me to give your candidate any time or money. I got 5 positive mailers from Berry throughout the year, got a few phone calls from excited volunteers, and enjoyed his company at unit meetings and in debates. I didn’t hear a peep from Murray. However, you singlehandedly ruined almost a years worth of work by authorizing one of the most foul mailers ever known to man. 1 mailer ruined Berry’s year of phone calls, talking to voters, and mailers. Thanks Mike Lane.

I think Bearing Drift summed it up best,

Going negative comes at a price. While Ellmore won the 2008 primary, his tactics ended up losing him the support from many of the local Republicans who had endorsed him which in turn handed Moran his largest margin of victory since 1996. I for one will still vote for Murray in November but will not spend my money and weekends on a campaign that relies on distorting the facts.

Good luck beating Mark Ellmore‘s numbers.

So what does this mean for the November election? The focus will remain on Jim Moran. We also have Mark Kelly for County Board, as well as the change in government proposal.

Mike Lane – I hope that when Jim Moran wins with 70% of the vote, you will leave NOVA politics forever. You’ve set the 8th district back years. Don’t expect much help from party leaders or activists. Voters will remember.