This is getting out of hand.

Today Patrick Murray sent out an email that asked the question: “Did Matthew Berry just call himself a liberal progressive?”

The answer, for anyone who can read, is NO.

This is tasteless garbage. How can anyone defend this? For weeks now I’ve been covering Murray’s missteps, and his campaign supporters line up rank and file to defend him to the death. This, along with sending out a mailer full of lies (to be discussed in Fact Check Part 7) is really telling and shows that the Murray campaign will just out right lie to win.

Recently, the Falls Church News-Press interviewed both Murray and Matthew Berry. In the interview, Berry was talking about the district and described the 8th District as a place where “.. you will find probably the most moderate and progressive Republicans in the whole country.” He of course is talking about this in regards to the large coalitions that he is building, which consists of both conservatives  and moderates alike. The fact that the 8th district has moderate and progressive Republicans is true. Considering that the district is D+16 on the Cook PVI, its probably safe to assume that the district has some moderate and progressive Republicans.

Yet Patrick Murray can’t read. He thinks the interview said “I’m Matthew Berry and I’m liberal.”

Yet, the word “liberal” doesn’t even appear in the article. While Murray may disagree with Berry on some issues, the notion that Matthew Berry is liberal is a bold face lie. He’s defended conservative principles at every unit meeting and debate.

Looks like Murray doesn’t believe in Reagan’s 11th commandment. Also makes you wonder if Patrick Murray even bothered to read his own “Code of Ethics.”

Also – I find this part weird. Murray didn’t sign this email, his campaign manager did. Does this mean it was sent without his approval?

Stay tuned for Fact Check Part 7!