Don’t you just love the end of a primary?

Cause I sure do. That’s when over zealous campaign staffers show their true colors. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Pat Herrity and Keith Fimian will both make fine nominees, as well as fine Congressmen. As such, I’ve tried to say as neutral as possible, and even interviewed both of them, asking roughly the same questions. I’ve enjoyed learning about their campaigns and look forward to interviewing them again after the primary.

With that said, this I found rather interesting.

Shortly after Viva Vienna ended, I got the following email from a Herrity staffer (who will remain anonymous)


I know your solidly in the 8th district but I thought this might be something worth noting and reporting. Today was Viva Vienna, which is a huge event. Currently, there are 5 candidates in the race for the 11th district. Gerry, Pat and Keith, as well as independents, Chris Decarlo and John Lemon (who was handing out lemons). At the event the Reston Republicans had a booth. The Democrats and Gerry Connolly had a booth. Chris and John had a booth and Pat had a booth. However, no where to be present was Keith.

Might be worth posting something. We need someone whose ready to take the fight to Gerry not just other Republicans.

Out of sheer curiosity, I emailed the Fimian camp. to get their side. Here’s what they sent me.

Josh, see our response below:

In Pat’s world booth’s win elections and he hasn’t raised taxes.  But we all know this isn’t true. This is just another desperate attempt from Herrity’s team to deflect attention from being down in the polls and his record of raising taxes.  Instead of sitting behind a table, Fimian volunteers worked the crowd engaging voters Saturday and Keith was there shaking hands all afternoon Sunday.  If we want to beat Gerry in November, what we don’t need is another politician like Pat Herrity who votes for Gerry Connolly’s tax increases and then uses Connolly’s lies and personal smears against a fellow Republican.

Wow. I must say this next week will be rather interesting. I do agree with the following statement, “We need someone whose ready to take the fight to Gerry not just other Republicans.” I hope that whoever looses the primary will get 110% behind our nominee. We need to keep our eyes on the prize: defeating Gerry Connolly, not holding grudges.