I like Patrick Murray. I guess you could say that he’s my 2nd choice to take on Jim Moran. However, whoever is checking his facts and writing his emails needs a kick in the butt. First, this slip up-

Jay McConville endorses Murray: Jay carried proudly the Republican banner against Kris Amundson in the last election cycle….” Oops. Jay ran against Scott Surovell.

While after myself and Crystal Clear Conservative pointed that out, I thought that someone would double-check their emails. Apparently not. The Murray campaign just got an endorsement from Mike Lane, former member of the Arlington County Board. In his email, Murray said,

“Our campaign to defeat Jim Moran and replace him with ethical and honorable leadership for Northern Virginia ‘s 8th Congressional District received yet another major boost today with the endorsement of former Arlington County Board Member Mike Lane . Mike is the only nominated Republican to win elective office in Arlington in the last 41 years…”


While its true, its hard to come by Republicans winning in Arlington, that statement is just plain false. Dave Foster won with the Republican Party’s backing in 1999 and 2003. I’m sure that he would say that he too was a Republican to win elected office.

However, one might say that he doesn’t count, since he won non-partisan office. However, the Murray camp is still wrong. The Republicans held a majority on the County Board from 1977 to 1982, and controlled at least one County Board seat until 1995, as well as in 1999 (Mike Lane). That’s within the last 41 years..

Like I said. Somebody needs to do some fact checking.