After thinking about it and observing for a few months,  Not Jim Moran of Red NoVA has decided to endorse a candidate in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District.

Rarely ever does an election in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District stir up anything exciting. However, 2010 is a very different year. People are getting fed up with larger government, more spending, and higher taxes. Maybe its the toxic climate for Democrats, maybe its the stellar candidates, but for some reason, this year, Virginia’s 8th Congressional district is “on the map.”

Every year, Republicans line up and try and convince voters that they’re the ones to take on Jim Moran. Nobody gives them money or their time, and they lose the election by 70%. One candidate this year has proven that he’ll be different. He’s already waged a strong campaign, attacking Jim Moran on ethics issues, as well as his voting record.. Aside from that, he’s shattered fundraising records and has an aggressive online presence. He’s also gaining support, from the blogs, from party leaders, and from the rank and file voters. He has an impressive resume of government service, well educated, and is well versed on the issues.

The person I’m talking about of course is Matthew Berry.

I’ve had the pleasure of running in to him at various party meetings, seeing him speak to the College Republicans, and of course interviewing him. He’s well versed on the issues, and has the ability to amass large coalitions of supports. This past weekend he won the support of Republicans in a straw poll, by almost 70%. He’s broken fundraising records and has attacked Jim Moran every chance that he could. I rarely give candidates money. After all my candidates lost in 2008, I decided never to donate ever again. Berry changed that. Recently I donated to help him fulfill his goal of “Berry’s Patriots,” a dramatic achievement which earned him recognition by the National Republican Congressional Committee’s “Young Guns.”

It’s time that the 8th district has a Congressmen that represents the whole district. That person is Matthew Berry. On June 8th, if you live in the 8th District, please vote for Matthew Berry.

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