Congrats to Mike Ginsberg, for winning another 2 years as GOP Chairman! It was a very good convention, with 119 registered Delegates present, with a total of 131 voting in the straw poll. Below are some pictures and some video-

First, Check out Mike Ginsberg’s election speech-

The results of the straw poll-

During the candidate forum, one of the issues that came up was abortion. As you recall, people have recently been wondering where Murray stands on the issue. While I think both Berry and Murray give both basically the same answers, for some reason, Murray is afraid of flat out saying “I am pro-life.” I know this hurt him at the straw poll, as I overheard some people saying they voted for Berry because of his answer. Check it out-

Patrick Murray and Matthew Berry pictured below-

Patrick Murray

Matthew Berry

Also, the 8th District unveiled new bumper stickers! Request one FOR FREE here.

More pictures and videos avaiable at: