While its not the level of Ellmore-Amit drama, check out the following press release from Patrick Murray.

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Dear Republican supporter,

You may have heard that the May 22 Republican Convention in our 8th Distinct has a fatally-flawed straw poll associated with it. Below you will find a letter to District Chairman Mike Ginsburg detailing our reasons for declining to participate in the illegitimate process as established.

You may also have received a communication from our opponent pushing hard for anyone who does NOT live in our congressional district and other illegitimate voters to come and pay $20 to vote for him claiming this is some sort of valid signal of his support IN the district. In fact, he wrote: ” . . . people regardless of whether they live in the District, to vote in the straw poll for a $20 fee . . . This important poll will serve as a sign . . . that Matthew is the clear choice in June 8th’s Republican Primary.” Huh?

Please read the below letter to our district chairman. I know you will be as concerned as we are about the integrity of the voting process.

And will you help me? If you believe, as we do that this poll is invalid, irrelevant and illegitimate, then I ask you to take the $20 or more you would have spent to support us in the straw poll and instead donate it directly to our campaign. You may donate here.

Together, let’s send a signal to our opponent that Republicans have higher standards than this. Help us raise $3000 prior to the convention. We will use your contribution to run an honest, forthright and aggressive race against our real opponent, Jim Moran.

Or if you feel it more appropriate, we suggest you consider a donation to Murray for Congress’ charity of the month, No Greater Sacrifice. You may find the link to make a donation at my website.

Honor and Courage

Patrick Murray
Candidate for Congress

Mr. Michael Ginsburg
8th Congressional District of Virginia Republican Committee
1276 N Wayne Street, #408
Arlington, VA 22201
Dear Mr. Chairman:

Having reviewed the rules as you described at the May 6 meeting for the straw poll associated with the May 22nd District Convention, I want to inform you that we will not be participating. We respectfully request you remove our name from the ballot.

At the May 6 meeting you convened we noted for the record that we had difficulties with the rules. Internal discussion with other Republican Party officials has led us to the conclusion that the rules conflict with many principles for which our Republican Party stands.

Specifically, we find fault with the failure to ask for identification from prospective voters. As you know, election law in the Commonwealth of Virginia requires each voter to present proper identification. Failure to verify proper identification will result in the following problems, which should be specifically banned for the straw poll to have any meaning at all:

1) Allowing any person to purchase and cast multiple ballots. This violates the long-established Constitutional principle of one person, one vote and violates the equal protection clause of the Constitution.
2) Allowing non-delegates to purchase and cast multiple ballots. The Supreme Court long ago ruled the poll tax to be unconstitutional.
3) Allowing children who have not reached the legal age to vote to purchase and cast multiple ballots.
4) Allowing non-residents of the 8th District of Virginia to purchase and cast multiple ballots.
5) Allowing illegal aliens in the United Stated to purchase and cast multiple ballots.
6) Allowing any person from the District of Columbia, Maryland or any other jurisdiction to cross the Potomac River to purchase and cast multiple ballots.
7) Allowing any person to purchase and cast multiple ballots under a false name.
8  Allowing other non-registered voters to purchase and cast multiple ballots.

I regret very much the need to inform you of this decision. While we understand that this is a fundraising mechanism for the 8th District committee, we note with disappointment that our opponent is openly recruiting otherwise unqualified or illegal voters to vote for him in this straw poll. Further, he is marketing this event as some sort of legitimate signal that otherwise unqualified voters signal some sort of support in the district. We flatly reject this notion. Truthfully, whichever campaign is willing to transfer the largest amount of money from their treasury to the district committee’s treasury can win. That process does not signal a fair test of support in the district.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to seeing you at the convention.

Brandon Shultz
Campaign Manager
Murray for Congress