As part of our series, here’s some updates on some of the NOVA GOP Congressional candidates.

Matthew Berry
Berry just got some big news! Amit Singh, candidate for Congress in 2008, gave Berry his nod. In his statement, Amit said,

After carefully looking over both of the 8th District Republican candidates and their
campaigns, I have decided to vote for Matthew Berry in the June 8th primary and to make a
donation to his campaign. I firmly believe that Matthew is the strongest candidate that we can
put up against Jim Moran in 2010.

Matthew is an intelligent candidate who has demonstrated he is knowledgeable about the
wide range of issues facing the country, and he is the candidate who is offering specific
proposals for addressing our nation’s serious problems…

In that press release, Berry also had this to say,

In the past week, Maeve Rigler, 2000 8th District GOP Congressional Candidate, and Jim Pebley, former
Arlington GOP Executive Committee member, civic activist, and Commander, USN (retired), have also
announced their support for Matthew Berry.

The Amit endorsement is great news for Berry. It shows that he’s capable on winning all types of support, from the conservatives such as Laurence Socci and Chris Hubbard, to the more libertarian thinkers such as Eric Bresica and Amit Singh. Even Right on Gallows, a former Ellmore staffer is supporting Berry.

Keith Fimian

Fimian also had 2 high profile endorsements this week. Ken Cuccinelli and Jeff Frederick both endorsed him. Both shore up the “conservative wing” of the GOP and are major boosts to Mr. Fimian!

Click here to see other news reports about the Cuccinelli endorsement. Below is part of Jeff’s statement-

Keith is a successful small businessman who has literally created hundreds of jobs — just the kind of leader we need today. Plus, unlike others in this race, he is the opposite of a typical Washington Republican/politician — which is exactly the kind of person we need representing us.