Today, the Committee for a Better Arlington, with permission from Giant, was doing a petition drive to collect signatures so that a change of government referendum may be on the ballot.

However, during the petition gathering, former Democratic candidate for Delegate Alan Howze was blocking people from signing the petition. LITERALLY. He was standing near the petition gatherers holding a sign. He also did not have the permission of Giant to be doing so.

Can’t the Arlington Democrats contribute to a healthy debate on this? Why must they just say no, no, no and get in the way? Check out the statement issued today by the Committee for a Better Arlington:

While we welcome a healthy dialogue and discussion with anyone opposing this change in government initiative, we find it disgraceful for a former political candidate to intimidate voters into NOT signing a petition.  None of Mr. Howze’s opponents blocked efforts for Arlington voters to sign his petition last year.  However, he finds it necessary to keep Arlington voters from exercising their right to sign a petition for an initiative he does not agree with.