This “money bomb” for Matthew Berry is being organized by fellow blogger On the Right and has being going on all weekend long. Its so nice to see this kind of excitement in Northern Virginia! Please consider donating to defeat Jim Moran!

This November, we have an opportunity to stop Obama, Pelosi, and Reid’s radical plans for America. Because of the damage the Democrats have already inflicted, there are Congressional seats in play this year which have not been in play for a generation! Ultra-liberal, 20-year incumbent Jim Moran – the embarrassment of the 8th District of Virginia – is vulnerable! With your help today, we will take him out.

For those of you who don’t know, here are some of Jim Moran’s “Greatest Hits”:

  • Moran compared the Republican Party in Virginia to the Taliban;
  • Moran blamed American Jews for the Iraq War;
  • Moran continues to receive over 25% of his campaign contributions from companies for which he requests earmarks;
  • Moran – just this week – was one of only 15 Congressmen to vote for a pay raise for Congress, even as our national debt is sky rocketing and Americans cannot find jobs;
  • Moran choked an 8-year old kid, because the kid was checking out Moran’s car;
  • Moran, in the last year, twice had to be restrained from fighting constituents and a reporter in the Capitol Building; and
  • Moran wants to move GITMO detainees to Northern Virginia prisons.

This is the year that we can kick Moran out of Congress. Matthew Berry is the candidate who can do it.

So, who is Matthew Berry?

  • Berry is a strong fiscal conservative, who believes in lower taxes and smaller government;
  • Berry clerked for both Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Laurence Silberman;
  • Berry worked on counter-terrorism efforts at the Department of Justice;
  • Berry was General Counsel of the Federal Communications Commission in the most recent Bush administration; and
  • A Tarrance Group poll in January put Berry within the margin of error with Moran in an informed head-to-head (44-41%, with a margin of error of 5%!).

Matthew Berry needs your help, please forward this message to all like-minded friends and patriots and please donate anything you can afford to Matthew’s campaign

Every dollar will help him defeat Jim Moran!