While the only political news of today was Ken Cuccinelli changing the Virginia state seal, the past few days have been interesting for Northern Virginia Politics. Check out the three stories below.

New FCRC Leadership team

This past week, FCRC announced their new 2010-2012 Leaders. It’s a pretty good list, and while I think some people may never get over the Mychele Brickner story, all in all, I think Chairman Bedell has assembled a strong team for Fairfax County. It’s nice to see former candidates on the list too, as it shows they care about the community too, not just elections. Below is the Executive Committee. Too Conservative has the full list posted here.

1st Vice-Chairman Mike Thompson, Jr.*
2nd Vice-Chairman, Membership & Administration Mary Campbell*
3rd Vice-Chairman, Outreach & External Affairs Harold Pyon*
Vice-Chairman, Budget & Finance Jay McConville *
Vice-Chairman, Operations Matt Ames*
Secretary Inge Gedo*
Treasurer Charles Proctor*
Parliamentarian Jim Parmelee
VFRW Rebecca Pick
YR Rep Aaron Dahnke
CR Rep Kyle McDaniel
General Counsel Chris Craig

* – pending approval of the full committee.

Fimian vs. Herrity – It never ends.

Rather than trade emails back and forth all day long, Keith Fimian decided to launch herrityhikedtaxes.com. All of the other blogs covering this story had been talking about this story jokingly, but in all seriousness, if there is one thing that upsets the party faithful its taxes. I think Fimian is counting on that. It remains to be seen if this will work.

While I think at this point 90% of the people have made up their mind, and that this election will go 55%-45% at the polls. Needless to say,  the website is an interesting read.

Jim Moran thinks he deserves a Pay Raise.

Dang. Out 435 people, only 15 voted yes on increasing Congressional pay. Who was one of them? Jim Moran. Check out more here.