Yesterday was a busy day! Just thought I’d post two major updates from the Congressional campaigns in Northern Virginia-

8th District

Patrick Murray gets endorsed by Jay O’Brien. HUGE news for Patrick. Murray, who has been running behind Berry, needed a boost to help him out. Check out O’Brien’s statement below-

“As one of the very few Republicans elected to represent citizens of the 8th Congressional District, I know first-hand how tough an election environment this area is. We need a true leader – one with integrity, determination an indefatigable spirit and quite frankly, the fire in the belly to win. The political climate this year makes it imperative we field the right candidate to challenge Jim Moran.

“That candidate is clearly Patrick Murray. By any measure Patrick Murray stacks up well against Jim Moran. Patrick has the strength and stature to go toe to toe with Moran in debate as well as the energy to out campaign him every day from now until November 2nd. My guess is even Moran himself has taken notice – a rare event for Moran to ever take an election seriously.

“Patrick’s campaign is well-organized and he has assembled a highly-experienced winning team for the run against Jim Moran. From Reston to Alexandria, from Arlington/Falls Church to the Lee/Mt. Vernon Districts and from Providence to Mason, Patrick has campaigned tirelessly meeting voters who have pledged support.

“And Patrick has a presence in a group that impresses people; “now that is a Congressman!”, said one supporter upon hearing Patrick speak to the group.

“As a Senator representing your views, you know me as a faithful conservative. Patrick Murray will do the same in Congress with courage, honor and integrity. I urge you to support Patrick for Congress.”

Northrop Grunman agrees to move to either Arlington or Fairfax. Good news for Virginia and Bob McDonnell. I list it under 8th district news because Jim Moran might try to take credit. I hope Murray or Berry will call him on his b.s. if he does.

11th District

Keith Fimian announces his grassroots leadership team. Some pretty interesting names on this list, including:

Mychele Brickner, Keith Damon, Michael DeMatteo, Susan Valentine, David Ray, Sandy Liddy Bourne, OP Ditch, and Patsy Drain.

A full list can be found here.