I’m so glad that my own district, the 8th district of Virginia doesn’t have all of the drama that the 11th district has. For starters, the 11th district features two candidates who are exactly the same on the issues, unlike in the 8th, where there are differences in views. In the 8th the two candidates are treating each other with respect, and its working. People are excited about what’s going on.

Its so good to see this. After following Matthew Berry and Patrick Murray’s two respective campaigns this past week, I want to highlight the good things that they’re doing.

-Matthew Berry-

Berry announces that he’s raised more money than any Republican challenger at this point in the election. HUGE NEWS! Check out part of the press release that he released below-

The Matthew Berry for Congress campaign announced today that it has raised more
money to date than any Republican challenger to Jim Moran has ever raised at this point in the election cycle. As of the end of the first quarter, the Berry campaign has taken in over $124,000 and has more cash-on-hand than any Republican challenger to Jim Moran has ever had at this point in the election cycle, ending the quarter with over $80,000 on hand.

Moreover, in the first quarter of 2010, the Berry campaign actually raised more from individual donors than did incumbent Jim Moran ($54,813 vs. $52,902).

Also, Berry announced some new endorsements: Former Alexandria Vice Mayor Bill Cleveland and Fairfax County GOP Lee District Chairman Susan Valentine. Earlier in the week, Berry announced that Chris Marston, the former Alexandria GOP Chairman has endorsed him.

-Patrick Murray-

Murray is having a good week too. He had a fundraiser today with City Councilman Frank Fannon, which I’m told went well!

In addition to his events, his press releases have been right on target! Check out excerpts from a few of them:

All of us should be disappointed the Arlington County Board chose today to sock all homeowners with an average $343 annual tax/fee increase for FY11 in the middle of an economic recession. This will prolong economic sluggishness and slow significantly the creation of new jobs…

And another,

Congressman Jim Moran has a 26-year history of ethical violations in financing campaigns, beginning with his court-approved removal from the office of Alexandria Vice-Mayor in 1984.

With incidents too numerous to list over the next two decades, Moran was recently named by Judicial Watch as one of the 10 most ethically-challenged Members of Congress for his deep involvement in the PMA lobbying campaign cash-for-earmarks scandal.

Now, unbelievably, in the wake of Goldman Sachs being indicted for massive securities fraud, OpenSecrets.org reports that Jim Moran has taken almost $4,000 in campaign cash contributions from Goldman. Enough is enough. The people of Virginia’s 8th Congressional District deserve better. I call on Jim Moran to immediately return the cash from Goldman Sachs.

Also, as a reminder, check out the new anti-Jim Moran website, retirejimmoran.com.