Contining with my blog series on the three Northern Virginia districts and the money race, lets move on and look at the 11th Congressional District.

Keith Fimian

Total Receipts: $866,572

Cash on Hand: $615,307

Debts: $586,190

Pat Herrity

Total Reciepts: $278,046

Cash on Hand: $194,989

Debts: $27,757

Gerry Connolly

Total Reciepts: $1,350,405

Cash on hand: $1,037,305

Debts: None


Gerry Connolly is enjoying a great luxury that the other two GOP candidates aren’t. He has lot of money in the bank, plus no opposition. This money is only going to grow and grow. Having a divisive GOP primary where the candidates agree on 90% of the issues doesn’t help either. While some might argue that this will make the GOP candidate stronger, with two high-profile names it only makes each GOP candidate waste valuable resources when the bigger picture should be getting rid of Gerry Connolly. Keith Fimian already has massive debt ($586,190) and Pat Herrity has acquired a fair amount of debt as well (27,757).

When the FEC Reports became public last week, both candidates sent out emails saying that they had raised more money than the other. Keith made the argument that he raised more in the quarter, and Pat made the argument that he raised more since he started fundraising. It’s been causing an interesting back a forth between the two that resembles a “Not huh, uh huh!” contest. Check out part of the statement released by Tim Edson, Campaign Manager for Keith Fimian:

FEC reports demonstrate that Keith Fimian out raised Pat Herrity in the first quarter of 2010 by $278,497.54 to $275,045.15, despite the hype surrounding Pat’s opportunistic entry into the race and the donor file he maintains from running for office three times in just over three years.  Herrity has reached his high-water mark.  Having tapped his donor list dry, Herrity would struggle to compete with Gerry Connolly financially.”

Either way, this primary ends on June 10th. I hope people remember that on June 11th. A divided party never loses, and Gerry Connolly and the Democrats know that.