As you know, the 8th District Republican Committee is hosting its Convention on May 22nd to elect a new Chairman. Mike Ginsberg, the incumbent, was the only candidate to file. Red NoVA caught up with him recently.

Mike Ginsberg with Eric Cantor at a Fundraiser

Why run for Chairman again?

I’ve enjoyed the job, I’ve got to meet a lot of great people. We’ve gotten a lot done, especially last year, but there is some unfinished business. I think we’ve been able to do some great things for Republicans.

What are your top priorities for the next two years?

I have a bunch. Always at the top is trying to raise money. We did a very good with that last year, helping with absentee ballots, and the tele-town halls. Other things I liked to do, is the communications effort, maybe spotlighting a little harder the record of Congressman Jim Moran and some of the folks in Washington and see if we can’t take advantage of a favorable climate. That is a key priority, especially considering our location.

What accomplishments are you proud of? What improvements can be made?

We are very proud of how we did last fall. We exceeded expectations for statewide candidates, in some cases in double digits from how we did in 2005. It was a real tribute to the leadership of the local units and was a great accomplishment. Everyone was pulling in the same direction and really earned it.

I think communications is an every in which we can improve. I would like to be a little more visible.We did a good job with Red NoVA, but some things like local and national press, and of course raising more money, especially since this is our year, as a congressional campaign committee. I’d like to do some more ethic outreach, and to try and reach out to communities who have natural affinities to the Republican Party. I think we did some outreach, but I’d like to do more.

How has 2009 prepared us for 2010?

It raised everyones’ spirits. I think everyone feels better now than this time a year ago, and they still feel the wind at their backs.. The victory was a start to doing more. We did a lot on the statewide level and now its time to take it to the Federal level, and we see that with all these candidates. There are so many places in which the competition is fierce. I think people have also learned how to win. There’s been a lot of building, for example absentee ballot programs in Alexandria.

Is victory possible anywhere in the 8th District in Virginia?

I think you can always win depending on the circumstance. You can never write off a race. In a year like this, you can win, with the right candidate and the the right message. We have these opportunities every now and then, especially with special elections, but there’s no question in the 8th district, you have to work hard. If you run the right person, who has the deep community roots, like Dave Foster or Frank Fannon, you can win.

How might you respond to Republicans who say that the 8th District is “worthless” in terms of winning statewide or a federal campaign?

When you look at the races in 2005, and you saw how badly we lost in NOVA, we knew that we’d have to make inroads in order to win in the future. To write the 8th district off, is to jeopardize any chances of winning statewide. If you write off the 8th district, people pick up on it, and they return the favor.

If Jim Moran has to campaign hard, he can’t go help Gerry Connolly or candidates down in Virginia Beach or anywhere else. He has to use his own resources and money to defend himself. The lesson from Fairfax County – they ran candidates in almost every district and won a few, but they made the Democrats go on defense everywhere. Writing off the 8th district, or anybody is bad politics.

A vote in Arlington County is the same as a vote in Chesterfield or Scott. You have to take it all seriously.

What are your future plans in politics?

You never say never, but I love doing the 8th district job, and I love Party politics. Can I name an office I’d run for? No, because there is a lot I’d like to do. I feel like in this position, I feel like I’ve made a difference in the community and in the area. I just want to stay active.