Virginia, for better or worse, holds elections every single year (sometimes twice or more) In a little over a year, we will be electing new members to the House of Delegates again and the State Senate. I recently had the chance to interview Scott Martin, one of two candidates trying to get the GOP nomination in 2011 in order to run against George Barker. Let’s see what he had to say.

Why run for State Senate? What are some important issues to you?

Scott Martin

I’m running because I have ideas, which no one else seems to want to promote. These are practical ideas, ways to cut down government, lower taxes, and support the less fortunate. Those are just a few. I also feel that in many cases, Republicans don’t understand why they’re there, such as abusive driver fees, which was found unconstitutional, because it gave an unelected body the right to tax.

Just taking that example is astonishing. Why elected officials representing their constituents, in the cradle of Democracy, knowing that this nation was founded on a tax revolt from an unelected body; knowing that, without a say, why they would vote for it. It tells me that their unqualified to serve, purposely violated the constitution, or just ignorant of the history of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

I come from education, specifically higher education. There is, as you hear all the time, tremendous waste in K-12 education, such as money being directed into administration and support, rather than into our classroom and to our teachers. I found that when I ran for school board in 2003, there was $1.8B budget with an enrollment of 166K students. The 2010 FCPS budget was approved at $2.2B, with a projected enrollment of 173K students. That equates to an increase of roughly $57,000.00 for each additional student! That growth is unprecedented.

We also talked about Transportation, the State’s budget, Higher Education, and a number of other issues. For more on his platform visit his website. Below, which is taken from his website, is one of the major themes he was pushing on transportation-

One particular problem in the 39th Senate District is the bridge traffic on Old Yates Ford Road linking Prince William and Fairfax County across the Occoquan Reservoir. This bottleneck creates a traffic jam every morning and every evening of the week.

If elected to the State Senate by the constituents of the 39th Senate District, I will sponsor a bill to require both Counties, and the Virginia Department of Transportation to develop multiple Private-Public Partnership (PPPs) options to solving this serious traffic dilemma.

Scott Martin teaching a student

Why do you think the GOP hasn’t been doing so well in recent years?

Lack of principles. They keep supporting government expansion, higher taxes and higher fees. Republicans hide behind fees, which essentially are taxes. If you don’t adhere to the principles of being a traditional conservative Republican, they should be voted out, which has been the case in recent years.

What turned it around in 2009?

I think it was by virtue of our location to the Federal government. I was at a gun show a while back and I asked how was business? They said Obama is the best thing to ever happen to them. Well, he is also the best thing to ever happen to Republicans. This man is causing immense damage all across the spectrum of our Nation, and I think that’s the answer right there.

We also had very good candidates. All three worked together, and they had very strong messages of traditional conservative principles.

What do you think will happen in Virginia in 2010? How will it help in 2011?

If we have principled conservative candidates representing the Republican Party, we can retake the House. If we don’t, we’ll elect some that are not, and we’ll lose them in 2 years, meaning if they fall back into the political machines of dealmaking, or behind closed doors governing. I think we can take back the House, but it all depends on the candidates.

What do you predict for Republican gains in the House of Delegates and in the State Senate, with redistricting coming up?

It’s going to be incumbency first. However, in my particular district, the population growth has occurred in the Western part, which is in PWC. I was born in Dumfries, VA and grew up in Woodbridge. So I welcome that growth.

Democrats and Republicans are going to try and make their districts stronger. However, there are multiple districts, House and Senate that will be very difficult for Democrats to strengthen.

What will you specifically be running against George Barker on?

George Barker did not sign SB 417, which is the VA Healthcare Freedom Act. This is the same statute that our AG is using to sue the Federal Government. That bill was to provide citizens freedom not to be forced to buy this plan. The Senate is majority Democratic. Most of them voted with the Republicans to protect VA citizens. George Barker didn’t. A vote against that is a vote for Obamacare. I am never going to let the citizens of the 39th forget that. The polls that touch through the 39th show that over 70% do not support Obamacare. He voted against his own constituents.

Why was there such a dramatic switch in voting in Fairfax from 2008 to 2009?

The independents realized their mistake. They returned back to their common-sense principles and rose up to vote for the better candidates. If you look at the Republican and Democrat numbers, they didn’t change much. It was the Independents.

Many of the independents came out against McCain-Palin, and I’m not sure why, especially since many of the same Independents are now strong supporters of the Tea Party. They were duped by Obama.

For more information, be sure to check out Mr. Martin’s website, which has a very detailed platform.