April 2010

Chris Zimmerman wants a new gas tax to fund Metro projects. Big shocker here. It’s not like Metro gets $600 million a year from local taxpayers to fund almost half of their budget and is raising fare prices.

In addition to this gas tax, more taxes and fees were approved this year, including:

– An increased real-estate tax rate by 8.3 cents to a total of 95.8 cents per $100 of a home’s assessed value.

– Higher fees for water, sewer service, trash pickup, car-tax decal, as well as parking tickets.

Are we going to let Chris Zimmerman go unchecked?

I guess people can’t say Pat Herrity is the more moderate candidate now. Check out part of their statement:

CAN Chairman Peter Candland said, “Although the Virginia Republican Party has two very well qualified candidates to represent our party in the 11th District in 2010, CAN members believe that Pat Herrity provides the best combination of leadership, experience, and integrity to not only win against the Democratic opponent, but bring a sense of constitutional obligation back to Washington.” Full statement found here.

Congrats to Pat Herrity!

Yesterday was a busy day! Just thought I’d post two major updates from the Congressional campaigns in Northern Virginia-

8th District

Patrick Murray gets endorsed by Jay O’Brien. HUGE news for Patrick. Murray, who has been running behind Berry, needed a boost to help him out. Check out O’Brien’s statement below-

“As one of the very few Republicans elected to represent citizens of the 8th Congressional District, I know first-hand how tough an election environment this area is. We need a true leader – one with integrity, determination an indefatigable spirit and quite frankly, the fire in the belly to win. The political climate this year makes it imperative we field the right candidate to challenge Jim Moran.

“That candidate is clearly Patrick Murray. By any measure Patrick Murray stacks up well against Jim Moran. Patrick has the strength and stature to go toe to toe with Moran in debate as well as the energy to out campaign him every day from now until November 2nd. My guess is even Moran himself has taken notice – a rare event for Moran to ever take an election seriously.

“Patrick’s campaign is well-organized and he has assembled a highly-experienced winning team for the run against Jim Moran. From Reston to Alexandria, from Arlington/Falls Church to the Lee/Mt. Vernon Districts and from Providence to Mason, Patrick has campaigned tirelessly meeting voters who have pledged support.

“And Patrick has a presence in a group that impresses people; “now that is a Congressman!”, said one supporter upon hearing Patrick speak to the group.

“As a Senator representing your views, you know me as a faithful conservative. Patrick Murray will do the same in Congress with courage, honor and integrity. I urge you to support Patrick for Congress.”

Northrop Grunman agrees to move to either Arlington or Fairfax. Good news for Virginia and Bob McDonnell. I list it under 8th district news because Jim Moran might try to take credit. I hope Murray or Berry will call him on his b.s. if he does.

11th District

Keith Fimian announces his grassroots leadership team. Some pretty interesting names on this list, including:

Mychele Brickner, Keith Damon, Michael DeMatteo, Susan Valentine, David Ray, Sandy Liddy Bourne, OP Ditch, and Patsy Drain.

A full list can be found here.

I’m so glad that my own district, the 8th district of Virginia doesn’t have all of the drama that the 11th district has. For starters, the 11th district features two candidates who are exactly the same on the issues, unlike in the 8th, where there are differences in views. In the 8th the two candidates are treating each other with respect, and its working. People are excited about what’s going on.

Its so good to see this. After following Matthew Berry and Patrick Murray’s two respective campaigns this past week, I want to highlight the good things that they’re doing.

-Matthew Berry-

Berry announces that he’s raised more money than any Republican challenger at this point in the election. HUGE NEWS! Check out part of the press release that he released below-

The Matthew Berry for Congress campaign announced today that it has raised more
money to date than any Republican challenger to Jim Moran has ever raised at this point in the election cycle. As of the end of the first quarter, the Berry campaign has taken in over $124,000 and has more cash-on-hand than any Republican challenger to Jim Moran has ever had at this point in the election cycle, ending the quarter with over $80,000 on hand.

Moreover, in the first quarter of 2010, the Berry campaign actually raised more from individual donors than did incumbent Jim Moran ($54,813 vs. $52,902).

Also, Berry announced some new endorsements: Former Alexandria Vice Mayor Bill Cleveland and Fairfax County GOP Lee District Chairman Susan Valentine. Earlier in the week, Berry announced that Chris Marston, the former Alexandria GOP Chairman has endorsed him.

-Patrick Murray-

Murray is having a good week too. He had a fundraiser today with City Councilman Frank Fannon, which I’m told went well!

In addition to his events, his press releases have been right on target! Check out excerpts from a few of them:

All of us should be disappointed the Arlington County Board chose today to sock all homeowners with an average $343 annual tax/fee increase for FY11 in the middle of an economic recession. This will prolong economic sluggishness and slow significantly the creation of new jobs…

And another,

Congressman Jim Moran has a 26-year history of ethical violations in financing campaigns, beginning with his court-approved removal from the office of Alexandria Vice-Mayor in 1984.

With incidents too numerous to list over the next two decades, Moran was recently named by Judicial Watch as one of the 10 most ethically-challenged Members of Congress for his deep involvement in the PMA lobbying campaign cash-for-earmarks scandal.

Now, unbelievably, in the wake of Goldman Sachs being indicted for massive securities fraud, OpenSecrets.org reports that Jim Moran has taken almost $4,000 in campaign cash contributions from Goldman. Enough is enough. The people of Virginia’s 8th Congressional District deserve better. I call on Jim Moran to immediately return the cash from Goldman Sachs.

Also, as a reminder, check out the new anti-Jim Moran website, retirejimmoran.com.

Got this in my inbox today from FCRC.  Its a long and lengthy response to the recent chatter about Mychele Brickner. It’s a pretty good email and an appropriate response. I bolded some interesting portions of the email. What are peoples’ thoughts on this email?

Team Fairfax:

As you know, beginning in December 2008, we began making some changes and improvements to the FCRC. In 2009 we had to implement these changes while simultaneously having back to back special elections, a state convention, and a Fall election. In an effort to have some continuity during a long election year, many of the changes that needed to be made were still not complete. With input from many FCRC members, I have determined that now is the time to complete the changes I believe will make us a stronger organization.

During my recent re-election campaign, I explained that while we have had some success as an organization, we were still not where we needed to be and more changes were on the way. I believe I laid out a clear vision for the next two years and I explained why I believed these changes will help us finally achieve our shared vision of becoming a high-performance organization capable of supporting all our candidates and winning elections every year.

Over the last few months, I have worked closely with a diverse group of FCRC activists as we continue the process of making changes to the Committee. I am looking forward to our May 4th FCRC meeting at Robinson High School, where we will be announcing the new leadership team and I will be briefing all our members on how we will begin to implement our vision for a high-performing FCRC.

Some of the proposed changes have made their way into the FCRC community and blogosphere. A lot has been said about these changes, but I want to make one thing clear – these changes are comprehensive. They are countywide. They are not focused on one area of the county or one portion of the FCRC.

I firmly believe that once all of the changes have been announced and explained in more detail, this vision for the long-term success of the FCRC will become crystal clear. You elected me to focus not only on the 2010 races, but beyond to 2011 and 2012 and that’s exactly what we are doing.

It is unfortunate that the changes we are making to the Committee have coincided with a competitive primary in the 11th District. Emotions are running high, and it is not surprising that a handful of people believe the changes are somehow related to the primary. I want to assure you that none – not one – of the changes we are making has been motivated even in part by the 11th District primary.

All of the changes have been in progress for over six months, long before the primary became competitive or I endorsed any candidate. What you are reading about or hearing about as to why I am making changes is simply not true. I want to personally assure you that internal party politics, endorsements, personalities, and other non-substantive factors have nothing to do with any of the changes we are making to the Committee. Period.

I am focused on us winning EVERY race and would not make any changes just to support one candidate over another. That would be stupid. What we are doing in Fairfax County is more important than to let petty politics trump the practical changes that need to be made to ensure our future as a viable and competitive Party in Fairfax.

I think we should all pause to remember where we were just 14 months ago after President Obama was elected, and how far we have come together since that time. But we are still not even close to where we can be as a Party organization. I am convinced this new leadership team, and the implementation of the strategic plan will carry us to victory not only in 2010, but 2011, 2012, and beyond.

We will be announcing all of the changes at the May 4th meeting. Until then, I ask that you please reserve judgment. After the meeting I look forward to hearing feedback from everyone once the entire plan has been rolled out and the new leadership team has been announced.

Change is always difficult. It is very easy to get upset when change seems to appear out of nowhere. But these changes have a purpose – they are designed to ensure a bright future for the Committee, our candidates, and our goal of electing good Republicans across Fairfax County for many years to come.

As always, thank you for your time and for your dedication to the FCRC. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.

I look forward to seeing you at the May 4th meeting.

Anthony Bedell

I’ve gotten some negative reaction the Mychele Brickner story, but now its out and harder to contain the story. Heather West, a local Republican activist wrote a guest post on the Virginia Gentleman. She give a VERY interesting perspective.

Check it out here.

For all those people who think that the Fimian-Herrity primary is rough, be glad we don’t have the candidates questioning each others’ sexuality.

Believe it or not, it’s happening in a Pennsylvania race. Click here and see.

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