Anybody hearing anything on the ground? I know its going to be close.

While we’re on the subject of the election, check out this comment on one of  Not Larry Sabato’s post. It’s about an Eileen Filler-Corn staffer

I am an avid democratic volunteer, as is my college aged daughter. She is actually the president of the Young Democrats at her school and worked as a campaign intern in the gubernatorial primaries. We both received calls from your campaign over the weekend. My call came on my cell phone on Saturday evening when I was at dinner with a friend. I answered b/c it as a 703 # and I am always aware that it could be an emergency about my children. I explained that I was at dinner and the campaign worker said “that’s great this will just be a minute” so I hung up. My daughter received a call the same day on her phone, which happens to be a Blackberry with an international plan as she is studying abroad in Europe. Although she was in Paris, she feared there was something wrong with the family so she answered. She explained to the campaign worker that she was studying abroad and he responded “sure you are” and hung up on her. Therefore, your candidate will not be receiving a vote from me tomorrow. A poorly run campaign is indicative of one’s ability to run their office.