A very small group of Republicans have grouped together against one of the congressional candidates in the 8th District. The candidate that they’re protesting? Mark Ellmore. The group states,

Mark Ellmore has announced he is seeking the 2010 Republican nomination in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District.

We are a group of dedicated Republicans in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District who oppose the dishonest Mark Ellmore in his race for the GOP nomination.

In 2008, Mark Ellmore received less than 30% of the vote, with only 29.68%. This was the lowest percentage received by a Republican Congressional Candidate in VA’s 8th district, in more than 12 years.

Mark Ellmore has proven he is not a viable candidate. We invite all Republicans to say “No” to Mark Ellmore.

Interesting group. Let’s look at the types of people in the group-

-Former Amit Singh staffers: Matthew Deleon and Steve Bierfeldt

-Bloggers: Krystal Weeks of Crystal Clear Conservative

-Former candidates: Eric Brescia (2009 HOD)

I have yet to interview Mark Ellmore, but when I do I’ll ask him what he thinks of GOP opposition to him. Until then, you can check out the group here.