Things are heating up in the 8th District battle for Congress! Laurence Socci recently posted a blogpost on his blog. In it, he took a swing at all of his Republican challengers. Here’s the excerpt,

Of the 4 other Republicans running for the nomination, one lost a primary bid in 2006 and lost the general election — handily — in 2008; another candidate is a military veteran who boasts that his military experience makes him the best candidate — even though only12.2% of voters in the 8th district of Virginia are involved in the military; a third candidate released a poll claiming that in a head to head race with Jim Moran, he would only lose by 3 or 4 percentage points — of course, none of the other candidates were mentioned in the poll. I can beat all of these candidates because I have the most similar background to voters in the 8th District and I have the most experience advocating for issues important to voters in the 8th District.