I recently had Q and A with Chris Berg, who is running to be the next Arlington County Republican Committee Chairman. He is a great guy and has done wonderful things as a YR and as Vice Chairman. Red NoVa endorses his candidacy. Let’s see what he had to say:

Why are you running?

I believe that the Republican Party offers the best ideas and vision for the future of our county and our Commonwealth.  I’ve been honored to serve as Vice Chairman of the Arlington County Republican Committee and I want to continue the great work that we’ve been doing to grow and strengthen our party.  If elected Chairman I will continue working to identify new voters, grow our membership, and recruit strong candidates.  We’re here, we’re strong, and we can be successful.

What could you “bring to the table?”

We’ve got a tremendous opportunity here in Arlington.  We live in one of the most vibrant communities in all of Virginia.  Our voters genuinely care about the issues and they are ready for some new ideas.

As Chairman I’d bring a unique perspective and experience to the office.  I’ve worked for national conservative organizations and I’ve recruited and assisted candidates for office.  We need to approach the ACRC like we would a campaign.

Abraham Lincoln had a simple plan for winning elections: “Organize the whole state, so that every Whig can be brought to the polls . . . divide the county into small districts and appoint in each a sub-committee . . . make a perfect list of voters and ascertain with certainty for whom they will vote . . . and on election day see that every Whig is brought to the polls.”

We’ve got some better technology to assist us, but we need to recommit ourselves to these fundamentals.  If elected, from day one, I’ll be prepared to put my experience to work to grow our organization and work to get Republican candidates elected here in Arlington.

What’s your background in the GOP?

At an early age I realized that the Republican Party had the principled ideas and values that I believed in.  Since that moment, I’ve been fighting for our candidates and our ideas.  I’ve worked in the Administration of George W. Bush, where I regulated labor unions.  I’ve worked with the Republican National Lawyers Association to expose the truth about the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, better known as ACORN.  I’ve been active with the Young Republicans where I’ve recruited new voters, activists and leaders for our party.  And what I value most is the work I’ve done with our candidates, both statewide and here in Arlington County.

What are some ways to improve Republican numbers in federal, state, and local elections in Arlington?

I truly believe we’ve got the best ideas.  Voters are growing increasingly uncomfortable with the policies of the Obama Administration.  We’ve seen voters come out and support candidates who run positive, issue based campaigns.

There are some pretty basic things we can do to improve our numbers here in Arlington.  First we need to identify and reach out to new Republican voters.  Second we need to grow our committee membership.  Having identified voters we need to bring them into our committee.  We’ve got a lot of Republicans here in Arlington with significant political and campaign experience.  Some are more focused on what happens across the river, we’ve got to bring them into the fold.

Finally, we need to focus on recruiting strong candidates to run for office here in Arlington and statewide.  Last year I recruited Aaron Ringel to run for the House of Delegates.  He was a strong candidate, who through hard work and bold ideas gave Bob Brink quite a scare.

Can a Republican win in Arlington in a post Obama world?

Voters in Arlington are ready for some new ideas.  I don’t think they are going to get them from Congressman Jim Moran or our current County Board.  We’ve seen the impact that running a positive issue oriented campaign can have here in Virginia.  Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli won decisive victories last fall.  They did so by presenting common-sense solutions and discussing the issues that really matter to Virginia voters.  If we do the same here in Arlington we can be successful.

Many times there isn’t a Republican on the ballot in certain races. Is this something that needs to be addressed?

This year we’ve got five great candidates who have announced their intention to challenge Jim Moran for the Eighth Congressional District seat.  We’ll be having a primary in June, and I’m confident that our Republican candidate will bring some new ideas to the table that will appeal to voters here in Arlington.

While there is a lot of attention focused on the Congressional race I think we’ve got a tremendous opportunity to run a successful campaign for a seat on the County Board.  Recruiting qualified candidates for all races here in Arlington isn’t just an opportunity, it’s a necessity.  The impact that the County Board and School Board have on our community and our daily lives is far too important for us not to field a candidate who represents our values.