Matthew Berry released a poll this morning that shows that he is competitive and within the margin of error against Jim Moran! This is huge news! In a district that is D+16 on the Cook PVI Partisan scale, it is nice to see that Democrats are vulnerable everywhere. Democrats shouldn’t be surprised though. This what happens when they try to ram big government and government-run programs like healthcare down our throats. I look forward to hearing more from the Berry campaign.

Below is his press release. I’ve bolded parts that I think are notable.


(Arlington, VA) – The Matthew Berry for Congress campaign has released an internal poll conducted by the Tarrance Group showing that incumbent Congressman Jim Moran is clearly vulnerable heading into the 2010 election and that Matthew Berry is well-positioned to capitalize on Moran’s weakness.

While likely general election voters in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District prefer a generic Democrat to a generic Republican by a margin of 56% to 32%, they nevertheless believe that Jim Moran does not deserve reelection. Specifically, only 38% of likely voters believe that incumbent Jim Moran deserves to be reelected in November while the plurality of likely voters, 40%, believe that it is time to give someone new a chance. The remaining 23% are unable to say that Moran should be sent back to Congress, but say who they will vote for depends on his opponent in November.

The poll also reveals that Matthew Berry is the Republican candidate who can beat Jim Moran. When Matthew Berry’s background and experience are described to voters as well as Moran’s experience and record, the race is within the margin of error: 41% for Matthew Berry and 44% for incumbent Jim Moran, with a significant 16% remaining undecided.

When asked for comment, Kristopher Morris, Campaign Manager for Matthew Berry for Congress, made the following statement:

“This poll shows that voters are quickly tiring of Jim Moran, his ongoing abuse of his office, and his litany of offensive statements. Once they get past the surface of partisan identity and look at who Congressman Moran is, they realize that they do not want him representing us in Washington. The poll also shows that Matthew Berry is the Republican candidate who can defeat Jim Moran by winning the independent vote and attracting the support of Democrats who believe it is time for Jim Moran to go.”

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