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I’ll be chiming in every now and then too, so stay tuned.

12:10pm- just introduced Ken Cuccinelli, Bill Bolling, and Bob McDonnell.

12:11pm- Crowd seems excited. Apparently nice weather.

12:13 pm- Fr. Scully leads the prayer.

12:17 pm-
The National Anthem is being sung by Jeanine McDonnell. God Bless America is also sung by Millie Harris

12:20 p.m.: The benediction is read by Rabbi Israel Zoberman of Congregation Beth Cheverim in Virginia Beach.

12:23 pm- Cuccinelli is being sworn in.

12:25 pm- Bolling being sworn in


12:29 pm- Star and Stripes are playing and cannons are going off!

12:35pm- Pretty good speech. I’ll post a transcript later.

12:36 pm- Haha. Bob McDonnell thanked Tim Kaine for his service. He only got a light golf clap.

12:49- Mentions Haiti and that people should give money. That got a bigger clap than Tim Kaine.

1:14 pm- Pretty smooth event.