After having an exploratory committee for a couple of months, Matthew Berry made his bid for Congress official yesterday. It should also be noticed that Berry has already raised a TON of money this early in the game. Here’s an excerpt from a press release from a few days ago:

“In less than two months, we raised over $62,000, and we finished the year with over $60,000 cash on hand.  This is the most cash on hand that any Republican challenger to Jim Moran has ever had at this point in the election cycle.”

Now, check out the press release below:


(Arlington, VA) – Republican Matthew Berry today announced his candidacy for Congress in Virginia’s 8th District, the seat currently held by Jim Moran.

In declaring his candidacy, Mr. Berry made the following statement:

“In Washington today, it seems that the answer to every problem is more, more, more… more borrowing, more spending, and more government involvement in more sectors of our economy. With unemployment at ten percent and our country on track to run up an additional $9 trillion in debt over the next decade, the current approach is not working, and we must change course.

Here in the 8th District, it is time for a new direction as well. Put simply, Congressman Jim Moran has abused the public trust. He has consistently secured earmarks that benefit his campaign contributors. He has taken a personal loan from a drug company lobbyist, and shortly thereafter sponsored legislation to benefit that drug company. And he has not behaved in a manner worthy of the office that he holds. Whether he is blaming American Jews for the war in Iraq or accusing American troops of engaging in ethnic cleansing, he has embarrassed the residents of the 8th District too many times. We can do far better.”

This announcement comes on the heels of recent news that Matthew Berry’s exploratory committee ended 2009 with more cash on hand than any Republican challenger to Jim Moran has ever had at this point in the election cycle.

Matthew Berry is a former General Counsel of the Federal Communications Commission. He has also served as a law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Judge Laurence Silberman of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, worked on counterterrorism policy at the U.S. Department of Justice, and defended the constitutionality of school choice programs at the Institute for Justice.

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