Well the blogosphere has been making the rounds. Check here and here for some examples. While I think its def. an upset, Republicans have no one to blame but themselves. Looking at the numbers, you see that Steve Hunt underperformed in the strong Republican areas and got destroyed in absentee ballots.

Notice I said it was Republicans fault, not Steve’s. I still believe that Steve was the strongest candidate for the race. While I’m sure Nance and Horinko supporters are now saying “told you so,” but the fact of the matter is Dave Marsden won because Republicans took the race for granted and assumed that Steve would win. Also, one needs to ask, how come RPV wasn’t up here? Seems like someone dropped the ball here. We needed a better attack team from RPV to counter the negative ads from Marsden.

Well there you go. I agree with Chris at Mason Conservative that it just proves that Fairfax is still a Democratic county. But I’d like to slightly edit that and say its more moderate and independent. Democrats just do a better job at winning moderates and independents. Once Republicans figure out how to do that (maybe they should ask LeMunyon and Comstock) they will win.

Maybe Republicans will not take the upcoming Delegate race for granted now. Kerry Bolognese is a strong candidate and I would hate to see him lose and have it not be his fault.