Well, it looks like its official. Sources (plural) are telling me that Supervisor Pat Herrity will be running for Congress in 2010, with an announcement coming either today or tomorrow. Could make the debate on primary v. convention more interesting.

On one hand, a primary would favor Keith because the voting wouldn’t be weighted and would allow for people in the military to vote, as well as other people who are less politically active. This could allow some in Fairfax to privately vote for Keith in a private ballot

A convention would favor Pat because the Delegates would be weighted, meaning that Fairfax’s vote would count more than Prince William, and would result in Fairfax for Herrity and Pr. William for Keith, causing a victory for Pat. Also, the convention would take place at Springfield High School.

A while back, Keith released a statement saying that he had more money than Gerry Connolly. While this will be an uphill battle for Pat, whether or not the nomination is a primary or convention will determine the nominee. The VA-11 GOP committee will be announcing their decision sometime next week. As you recall, their in a deadlock 5-5. With Herrity announcing, I wonder if somebody will change their vote?