A few weeks ago, the 8th District GOP announced that they will be having a primary in order to select their Congressional candidate. As of now, four candidates have announced or formed exploratory committees. They are:

Matthew Berry, Mark Ellmore, Patrick Murray, and Laurence Socci.

This is good news. Candidates can get their messages out and appeal to a broader audience. I’m not sure why the candidates in VA-5th district don’t get that. Especially with Tom Periello unpopular on both the right and the left, you would think that Republicans would be getting behind one strong candidate.

Well, they actually did. State Senator Robert Hurt. However, what do you know, he’s not Reagan himself so there’s a big uproar. What is the matter with conservatives? Don’t they see that they keep costing the pragmatic part of the party elections? They keep saying “come back to conservatism, we’ll win.” Did that work in 2008? Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie won in 2009 because they ran on the issues that people care about. Hmm, that reminds me, let’s look at what “conservatives” did this year:

They got Doug Hoffman elected. Oh wait, no they didn’t.

They forced Specter to turn to a Democrat, giving the Senate sixty Democratic votes.

They’re ruining the Florida GOP by forcing Charlie Crist to waste money and time on some conservative who’s going to loose a general election.

Now, some may point to the success of Ken Cuccinelli‘s victory as a victory for conservatives, but with all do respect to the Attorney General-elect, he lost his home town, only winning off of the coattails of Bob McDonnell. While I voted for Cuccinelli and supported him post-convention, let’s not jump on the conservative band wagon just yet.

Why this rant now? Because the VA-11th GOP can’t decide and are in a deadlock between a primary vs. convention. My advice? PICK THE PRIMARY

But that’s just my opinion. I like winning elections. Not sure how everybody else feels. Thoughts?