With the soon to be entrance of Pat Herrity into the race, Keith Fimian has shown that he won’t back down. After getting support from Prince William, now he seems to be working on Fairfax’s support, which cuts into Herrity’s natural base. Below is part of the press release that the Fimian team released this morning.

“In my successful campaign for Delegate, the key issues I heard over and over again were that people want a leader committed to real solutions of creating jobs and battling wasteful big government.  Focusing on those issues propelled me to victory.  Keith Fimian is the leader we need in Congress who will tackle these issues head on.  Keith opposes tax increases and his CPA background will help root out wasteful government spending.  He is the conservative leader who Northern Virginia needs in Congress.”Rich Anderson, Delegate-elect 51st District

“I ran for Delegate and won by focusing on the issues of improving transportation, holding the line on wasteful spending and creating economic growth that matter to the people of Northern Virginia.  So now I am proud to endorse Keith Fimian for Congress. He will bring the common sense business experience and real world knowledge on balancing budgeting and creating jobs that we sorely need in Congress. Fimian is the Republican Congressman we need.”Jim LeMunyon, Delegate-elect 67th District

Keith Fimian commented, “I am honored to have these two successful campaigners and strong leaders backing my campaign. Their victories prove that Northern Virginians are tired of the career politicians and their job killing tax-and-spend policies.”