Eric Cantor, the House Minority Whip, has endorsed Keith Fimian’s candidacy for Congress. In a statement, Cantor said,

We are in a battle for the direction of our country. That’s why I am enthusiastically endorsing Keith Fimian for Congress. Keith Fimian is a passionate believer in smaller, more effective government. He is a conservative who will be a champion for Northern Virginia families. His real world business experience is needed in Congress to get our economy moving, create jobs, battle wasteful spending and hold the line on taxes. He’s the best choice for Congress in the 11th District.”

Fimian welcomed the news, saying,

“I am honored by Eric Cantor’s support. He has been a champion for the principles of lower taxes and responsible restraints on spending and his support means a lot. He realizes, as I do, that we cannot continue down this path of reckless deficit spending that Gerry Connolly so jubilantly embraces.”

This is wonderful news for Team Fimian. The message it seems that most Republicans are saying is that Fimian is the one to beat Connolly. I think that this will def. make VA-11 one of the closest are more interesting races to watch in 2010. Especially after the landslide wins in 2009, and the GOP victories in the 11th district this year, I’m confident saying that we’ll be addressing Congressman Connolly as Citizen Connolly in a year.