December 2009

A few weeks ago, the 8th District GOP announced that they will be having a primary in order to select their Congressional candidate. As of now, four candidates have announced or formed exploratory committees. They are:

Matthew Berry, Mark Ellmore, Patrick Murray, and Laurence Socci.

This is good news. Candidates can get their messages out and appeal to a broader audience. I’m not sure why the candidates in VA-5th district don’t get that. Especially with Tom Periello unpopular on both the right and the left, you would think that Republicans would be getting behind one strong candidate.

Well, they actually did. State Senator Robert Hurt. However, what do you know, he’s not Reagan himself so there’s a big uproar. What is the matter with conservatives? Don’t they see that they keep costing the pragmatic part of the party elections? They keep saying “come back to conservatism, we’ll win.” Did that work in 2008? Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie won in 2009 because they ran on the issues that people care about. Hmm, that reminds me, let’s look at what “conservatives” did this year:

They got Doug Hoffman elected. Oh wait, no they didn’t.

They forced Specter to turn to a Democrat, giving the Senate sixty Democratic votes.

They’re ruining the Florida GOP by forcing Charlie Crist to waste money and time on some conservative who’s going to loose a general election.

Now, some may point to the success of Ken Cuccinelli‘s victory as a victory for conservatives, but with all do respect to the Attorney General-elect, he lost his home town, only winning off of the coattails of Bob McDonnell. While I voted for Cuccinelli and supported him post-convention, let’s not jump on the conservative band wagon just yet.

Why this rant now? Because the VA-11th GOP can’t decide and are in a deadlock between a primary vs. convention. My advice? PICK THE PRIMARY

But that’s just my opinion. I like winning elections. Not sure how everybody else feels. Thoughts?

Merry Christmas from my dog, Jack!

Matthew Berry

Red NoVA recently interviewed Matthew Berry, one of the Republican candidates for Congress in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District. Berry has a tremendous amount of Executive Branch and Judicial Branch Experience. He is extremely qualified and well versed on the issues. Let’s see what he had to say.

Why run for Congress?

I’m running for two reasons. The first is that I’m very concerned with the direction in which the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress are taking our country. I think that spending has gotten out of control and I think that the budget deficit  is too large. I’m very unhappy with the proposed government take over of health care and the proposed cap and trade bill. We need to change directions.

The second reason is that I think the 8th District can do far better than Jim Moran. I think that he is part of a culture of corruption, where campaign contributions are traded for earmarks and has a history of making very offensive statements, including anti-Semitic statements. I think that we can have a congressmen who can bring ppl to together, and not divide them.

Can you win a primary?

I think that I have a good chance of winning the primary. I think that I’m the candidate that can appeal to the broad spectrum of the Republican Party. I’m going to offer a positive message of keeping spending low, balancing the budget, and having a strong national defense. I think thats a message that unites a vase majority of Republicans.

The District a D+16 on the Cook PVI, and Jim Moran has been there for a while. How do you go against that?

2010 is going to be a good Republican year. I think NOVA has been toxic for republicans, but 2009 showed improvement. Part of a winning strategy also  is getting voters to vote against Jim Moran. I think that there are a lot of open-minded Democrats and independents who are embarrassed o have him as their congressmen. 2010 is the  ideal opportunity  to beat him. It will be a low turn out election and no one else is at the top of the ticket. People are going to have to come out just to vote for Jim Moran.

How long have you lived in the district and what community ties do you have?

I moved into the 8th district in 1997 right after law school. I’ve served on the Arlington County Human rights commission. I’ve been involved in the Arlington County Republican Committee in the 90s and in the 2000s and rejoined after leaving the Federal Government.

What would be your first legislative priorities?

I think the first thing that we need to do is to is to jump-start the economy and create jobs again. The first thing that I would do is to introduce a bill to cut the corporate  tax rate from 35% to 20%. You can’t have employees without employers. Right now the United States has the 2nd highest corporate tax rate in the developed world, behind Japan, which puts us at a severe competitive disadvantage. Country after country in Western Europe has cut their corporate tax rates in the last decade  It is really embarrassing that we have a higher corporate tax rate than countries like France, Germany, and Sweden.

Another thing I would do is introduce legislation to fight for the opening up the coast of Virginia for oil and natural gas exploration.  The royalties that the State of Virginia would get from that should be for transportation projects. We woulx create jobs in energy, help America become more energy independent, and get badly needed revenue for transportation projects in Northern Virginia.

What would attack Jim Moran on? What is he vulnerable on?

First, the issue of ethics. Jim Moran took almost 1 million dollars in campaign contributions from the PMA lobbying group and then targeted earmarks to their clients. Is that a coincidence? Absolutely not. Even more appalling, once the scandal was uncovered, he still continued to engage in the same behavior.

Secondly, we’re going to target him on the serious of offense statements that he’s made. In the last two months, he’s insinuated that Virginia Republicans are Taliban sympathizers. I think is unacceptable. He’s also made a series of statements that are offense to Jewish Americans, such as blaming them for the Iraq War.

How has 2009 prepared the GOP for 2010?

It energized the grassroots. People got engaged in the Republican Party. Bob McDonnell talked about practical ways to improve the quality of life, and a good model for Republicans in 2010. He showed you need to put specific ideas that relate to peoples’ lives on the table for people to respond.

How come Republicans haven’t been doing so well in Northern Virginia, [with the biggest example being 2007]?

The National Political environment had a negative effect. Republicans in NOVA were being linked to Republicans in Washington. People in NoVA thought that GOP lost touch. With Obama and the Democrats in charge, the same voters are realizing that things are worse with spending out of control. I think Republicans have learned from mistakes they’ve made and are getting back to Republican principles such as keep taxes low, rest. spending, and keeping the budget deficits under control. I think we’re on the road to significant comeback.

There you go! I’m sure that we’ll hear from him some more later! Check out his website at

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So says Freshman Democrat Tom Perriello.

While Democrats will cry “Good, not a career politician!” We’ll see if they’re saying that this November.

Let’s make Tom’s goal a reality.

Is anyone hearing anything else on whether or not Pat Herrity will throw his hat in? NLS thinks an announcement is coming before New Year’s. Doubt it. I can’t see him doing it until after Hunt’s election.

However, could all of these rumors be out just to see how well Herrity could do in in a primary? Could be an interesting strategy. Or could it be a plot to get his name out there for a Chairman’s race? With that being said, who would you support: Herrity or Fimian?

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