Earlier today, the WaPo blog speculated that Pat Herrity might be challenging Keith Fimian for the right to run against Gerry Connolly. They also mentioned Tim Hugo. Bloggers have been swarming over this news like vultures. Check here, and here .

Really? I would hope that my blogging colleagues don’t bite all of the bait that the WaPo gives out. This isn’t even intelligent commentary on the issue. I’ve spoken with Herrity several times, and everybody knows that he wants a run in 2011 for Chairman. Also, there are rumors that Sharon Bulova will be retiring, paving the way for a Republican takeover of the Board of Supervisors.

As for Tim Hugo, I’ve heard his name mentioned for Lt. Governor. From what I can gather, he is very happy to be a Delegate. I would be shocked if any elected official in Fairfax runs. More than likely an “activist” will run, and Fimian will win the primary with 70% of the vote.

Why does everybody get bent out shape over everything now? With the governors race over, is there nothing to talk about?