Will Nance

I recently had a chance to talk to Will Nance, Republican Candidate for Senate in the 37th Senate District. This district is Ken Cuccinelli’s district, and will be subject to a special election within the coming weeks. Nance is among three Republicans vying for the seat. The other two, Steve Hunt and Marianne Horinko. They will be interviewed soon.

Nance is the Executive Director of Greenspring and has lived in Northern Virginia for over 20 years. He’s also worked for George H.W. Bush and has been involved with Prison Fellowship Ministries. Let’s see what he had to say:

Why Run for State Senate?

I’ve seen our society change a great deal with the kind of future we’re leaving our kids and the overreaching and expansion of government. I’ve seen the impact of government on businesses and healthcare and how it drives up costs.

How are you competitive among your Republican challengers?

I bring unquie skills to the table. I understand how to run programs and services. I run Greenspring, one of the largest reteriment communities. I think we need more businessmen in government.

How confident that you can win the general election?

I’m very confident. I have a great deal of grassroots support. I think that voters spoke loud and clear a week ago. I would be very excited to work with Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, and Ken Cuccinelli.

How involved are you in the community?

I’m very involved and have been involved since High School. I’ve gone door to door, and have been involved within the party and and with organizations with the conservative movement.

Excluding 2009, why has the Republican Party been unsuccessful in recent years?

We failed to remain conservatives  We need to stand for lower taxes and limited government, not try and be something we’renot. If we had acted like conservatives, we wouldn’t have lost.

In VA and NJ, the voters spoke loud and clear. Now that we’re back in power, will we live up to the conservative values that the voters are expecting? I think we will this time.

There you go! For more information, visit his website at http://willnance.com/