Throughout the cycle, many blogs have been making predictions for today. Even though I’m calling some of these races, I still urge you to go out and vote today!

The one’s I’ve listed here are I think are the key ones that we need to be watching. I have three categories, Pick-Up, Toss Ups, and Surprise Win.


VA-67 Jim LeMunyon vs. Chuck Caputo

This is an interesting district. It was held by a Republican in previous years and was close in 2005 and even 2007. Jim LeMunyon has been out every single day campaigning. I think this will be huge if he manages to unseat Chuck Caputo. I think he can do it. To see my interview with Jim LeMunyon, click here.

VA-44 Jay McConville vs. Scott Surovell

Since this seat is an open seat now, I think that our chances are incredible. I think that given the strong Bob McDonnell tide, plus the strong community leader that Jay has been, this could be another pick-up as well. Plus, as a former Democratic Party Chairman, Scott Surovell is too partisan. However, we’ll see what the polls say.

VA- 34 Barbara Comstock vs. Margaret Vanderhye

After barely winning in 2007 in a bad year for Republicans, I think that Vanderhye is in serious trouble. With strong backing from the party, I think that Barbara Comstock has run one of the finest races in Northern Virginia this year and will make an excellent Delegate. However, it will still be close even with a strong McDonnell tide. This one will be down to the last vote. To see my interview with Barbara, click here.

VA-32 Tag Greason vs. David Poisson

Despite the false smear campaign against Tag, I think that he can still pull out a win in this former Republican district, especially if the Bob McDonnell wave is strong in Republican areas.

Toss Ups

VA-35 Jim Hyland vs. Mark Keam

I think it would be a huge statement not only if Steve Shannon looses the AG race, but if Republicans take this Delegate seat as well. However, Democrats know that and have put up and incredibly strong candidate. With no offense to Jim Hyland, he’s made some poor campaign choices that could cost him the election. However, under normal circumstances, I think this is an election that Republicans can win in an open seat. To see my interview with Jim Hyland, click here.

VA 41 Kerry Bolognese vs. David Marsden

Once a Republican seat, this too would be a huge statement if we take it back. However, I think that in order for Kerry to win, he would have to ride on a McDonnell wave. While he’s a great guy, I’m not sure if just Kerry can beat David by himself. The up ticket will help him out a lot. Too see my interview with Kerry, click here.

Surprise Wins

VA-38 Danny Smith vs. Kaye Kory

This is normally a safe Democratic District. However, I think Danny Smith has run a superior campaign against Kay Kory and would make a far better Delegate than her. While my gut is telling me that this is a safe Democratic district, I think with a weak Democratic ticket and a strong Republican ticket, as well as the Washington Post endorsement (which might help to get Independent voters), Smith has a shot at pulling this one off. We’ll see. I’ll be crossing my fingers all day long. To see my interview with Danny, click here.

VA-48 Aaron Ringel vs. Bob Brink

This is normally a safe Democratic District as well. However, it has the “more Republican” areas of Arlington. If Aaron can get those voters to go to the polls, as well as get more Independents, he could stand a chance. Plus, he’s dead on right on the issues. To see my interview with Aaron, click here.