As well all know, tomorrow is the big day for Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, and Ken Cuccinelli, as well as our Delegate candidates. But for some residents in Fairfax, there will be another name on the ballot. That name is Patty Reed.

She’s facing career politicians John Jennison and attention seeker Chris Decarlo. Using quotes from local newspapers, as well as the most recent debate, I outline my final case for her.

First off, lets see what John Jennison sees himself as by taking a look at questionnaires and newspapers,

First, I am a Democrat.” (Fairfax County Democrats Endorsement Questionnaire)

When asked if he will only support Democratic endorsed School Board members for leadership, he responded, “Yes.” (Fairfax County Democrats Endorsement Questionnaire)

“If you could say one thing to voters, what would it be?  ‘I am a Democrat…’” (Vienna Connection 10/15/2009)

“Jennison said he was ‘proud to be a Democrat.’” (Sun Gazette 10/20/2009)

Wow. This is someone that obviously doesn’t want to be on the school board and has higher ambitions. In fact, at the most recent school board debate, he made the comment, “Warner, Webb, Connolly, Wolf, I all know them.” This is someone who just wants his name in the papers. He even said that he “could only commit to the next two years on the school board.”

Also, at the debate, Jennison said that “School Board Meetings are painful to watch.” Then why are you running?

As I’ve said this whole time, the choice is quite simple. Do we want “Democrat for School Board” or “Teacher for School Board?