Recently, Red NoVA had the chance to interview Mac Cannon, candidate for Delegate in the 36th District. Let’s see what he has to say:

Why run for Delegate?

Running for office and severing has always been something I wanted to do. I’m running to help make the quality of life better. Personally, this is a great opportunity for me to get involved. We can’t let someone like Ken Plum go unchecked. We need to keep him occupied so he can’t take other people down like Comstock and LeMunyon. I’m more than happy to help the Party out.

How Winnable is this seat?

I think that we can win from fatigue from moderate Democrats and Independents and high turnout from the base. He just had his first mailer this week. We’ve gone to over 2o back to school nights, and an October Fest. He wasn’t at any of those events. I think with an incredibly strong GOP ticket, this is the best chance in years. If I don’t win, I say that I will see him in 729 days. I care too much.

I’m a bipartisan, consensus building person. People get sucked into red and blue. All politics are local. I think that we have a real opportunity here. The district has changed over the years, but Ken Plum has not.

What issues are you focusing on?

Transportation. Ken points to the Dulles Corridor and takes credit, when most of the work was Senator Warner and Congressman Wolf. You have to make the roads better, rail, more busses, and build hot lanes. Thinking that people will get on a metro go grocery shopping is just not going to happen.

Crime: His record is of protecting the defendants, not the victims. He also wants to raise taxes. People in Northern Virginia want their money to stay here. The gas tax is nonsense. Jumping it to 25 cents won’t pay for anything. We shouldn’t have increased the budget as much as we did during the last eight years.

Also, there is no guarantee that we’ll have funding for the second phase of metro. It took us forty years to build the first phase. There isn’t much of a guarantee that the second phase will be done anytime soon.

Why has the GOP not been performing so well in Virginia since 2005?

We didn’t have a good ground game. We need viable candidates that can run and stick around. Wolf ran for three times before he won. Should we be more moderate? No. Also, electing someone who is only going to stay for 2 years is no good either. This year, I don’t think that the Democratic ground game is very good.

I think that the country is 65% center-right. I think that the GOP are dead on the issues, but they sometimes can’t translate them. The GOP deals with facts, the Democrats on emotion.

People tell me that they vote the person not the party on a local level.

Elections have consequences. We could not have Reagan without Jimmy Carter. What we are doing now is so important for 2010 and 2012. We’ll probably pick up 4 or 5 seats, which will be good for 2010. Its about us, not me. People have to believe that they can stand up for what they can believe.  People don’t need to be closet Republicans.

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