November 2009

Check out the McDonnell Campaign Video. The Alexandria Victory Office, our rallies, and our very Canines for McDonnell are all over it.

McDonnell Campaign Video

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Horinko has yet to return my email requests for an interview, so I’m posting the poll now. Stay tuned for my endorsement later.

Busy week this week! Republicans have a primary for the 37th District. Lately, it looks like Steve Hunt is surging ahead. I’m in the process of trying to book an interview with Mariane Horinko. After that, I’ll post a poll to see what people are thinking. Then either late Monday evening or early Tuesday morning, I’ll post my endorsement.


Back to a regular posting schedule on Saturday..

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Marianne Horinko has been telling people that she is pro-choice. If this is true, her nomination is in serious jeopardy. Can she win the GOP nomination and have Ken Cuccinelli’s blessing?

When I interview her, I’ll ask.

Red NoVA recently interviewed former Fairfax County School Board Member Steve Hunt, who is now running to replace Ken Cuccinelli in the Senate. Let’s see what he had to say,

Why run for Senate?

I want to continue Ken Cuccinelli’s legacy. We need to preserve the seat. It is critical that we keep Bob McDonnell’s agenda moving forward. We need solid leadership; the same kind Ken provided. He stood up for what was right, not for what was always popular.

What makes you stand out from your 2 Republican challengers?

I have the experience. I’m connected to the community and have had long ties to volunteer and political activities. I know the issues. I’ve been elected countywide and have won in the 37th district. People know that I’ll do what I say I’ll do, because I’ve down it. My opponents are having buying name recognition. I’ve got it through sweat equity over 13 years.

If you look at my literature, you don’t see classic bumper sticker statements. I’ve shown you that you’ll know what I’ll do and that you can trust me.

Are you confident that you can win a general election?

Yes. For the school board, you get three votes, and the top 3 candidates win. Even when I lost county wide, I was in the top 3 in the 37th district. In light of today’s environment, it is winnable.

Looking at 2009, how do we move the Republican Party forward?

Anthony Bedell, the Fairfax County Republican Committee Chairman, did a fabulous job of filling the slate with candidates. There should be no part of the battlefield that we don’t go to. We also need to reach out to minorities as well, but be in the community all of the time. The GOP shares their values. We need to start building relationships with minority communities.

Finally, what will be your future if you win? Will you run for re-election in 2011?

I’m going to Richmond to be the best State Senator that I can be. I have no grandiose plans to be Governor or Lt. Governor. I’m not running for any statewide office. When I ran for School Board, I ran to be the best School Board member that I could be.

Windows open to serve. If another window opens I might consider it. I want to be good to the people of Northern Virginia. I want to fight for their rights.

For more information, visit his website at . Also, be sure to watch video from his kick-off below:

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