The Danny Smith campaign released a press release on the mailer. See it below:

The Danny Smith for Delegate Campaigns Calls on Kaye Kory to Denounce Misleading Campaign Mail Piece

(Falls Church, VA) The Danny Smith for Delegate Campaign is calling upon the Kaye Kory campaign to denounce a misleading and deceitful campaign mail piece paid for by the Democratic Party of Virginia.  The mailer, authorized by the 38th House of Delegates candidate Kaye Kory, falsely claims Republican Candidate Danny Smith stated he would cut a percentage of school funding that comes out of the State’s general fund.

The Danny Smith Campaign demands the Democratic Party of Virginia and the Kaye Kory Campaign apologize to the voters of the 38th District  for sending out a piece that blatantly misconstrues the truth and misleads thousands of voters.  Sending out a mailer with falsified information the Friday afternoon before the election is the kind of dirty campaign tactics that do not belong in Virginia.  The voters of the 38th District deserve to be represented by a leader who will not use deceitful campaign tricks to win votes.