I recently sent a questionaire to Tim Nank. He’s a great guy and I urge you to get involved in his campaign during these final days. To see his previous interview with VA Gentleman, click here, and for more info, check him out on twitter or on facebook!

Tim Nank

Tim Nank

Red NoVA: Why run for Delegate?

Tim Nank: Well, this is my first time running and I decided to run because my wife and I fell in love with the community we now live in. And, because of how much we enjoy living here we have been very active on a variety of levels on giving back to our community. We have been active participants in trying to make this area a better place whether it is through many different local organizations and community cleanup projects such as “Go Green” (which has removed over 6 tons of waste from our immediate area). Additionally, I am a Neighborhood Advisory Board member and a Board of Trustee member to the Kingstowne Residency Owners Corporation. In the last few years, I haven’t seen things getting any better. I love our community and I want to be able to ensure that we maintain a quality of life for not only the people of the 43rd but also the Commonwealth of Virginia.

RN: How are you running your campaign?

Tim Nank: Umm. I don’t want to divulge any secrets, just kidding. It is fairly simple – grassroots! Getting out there and meeting the people which I actually enjoy is the main thing.  Oh, and fundraising, which by the way, I have found to be the hardest thing to do.  Asking people for their support, faith, trust and hard earned dollars is not an easy thing. At the same time, when I do get that donation whether it is $1 or $1000 (like to see more of those $1000 by the way) it is a nice feeling, that they believe me and I love that!

RN: What sorts of issues will you be focusing on?

Tim NankWell, transportation and education are the main ones.

RN: What can be done to improve Northern Virginia roads?

Tim NankWell, to improve roads in Northern Virginia we need to bring more of our tax dollars back up here. The state taxes us an additional 40% for roads but we only receive 14% of that back. The 26% delta goes elsewhere. Isn’t that similar to spread the wealth?! Fairfax is one of the richest counties in the country. So we get taxed additionally. But, most of our dollars get sent elsewhere. So, I am not saying ignore the other parts of the state. Certainly not! But, we have a transportation problem up here. So, if we can increase our share a bit more I think we can make some progress.

With additional funds we can address the issue of congestion. For example, I myself face congestion everyday. In the morning I drive 3 miles on S. Van Dorn and it takes me anywhere from 20-40 minutes (and if anyone from my district drives S.VD and is reading this right now – I bet they are nodding). That’s 3 miles in 20-40 minutes. I can run faster than that (well maybe not in 20 minutes but still). So, we need to get cars off the roads. We need to create incentives to businesses to support telecommuting, incentives for public transportation, creative ways for carpooling and as a runner I would like to look at bike lanes on these roads. We may not be able to expand roads like S. Van Dorn but we may be able to create a bike lane . . . which I myself would certainly take advantage of!!

RN: What sorts of issues do you think Virginia families are talking about now?

Tim Nank: Well as I alluded to transportation and education are the big issues for this area. I have received a few on jobs/economy and of late some concerns on illegal immigration. The funny thing is however, when I do go to doors the one single question I get more than anything is how I feel about the health care issue. When I get that question, I feel as if I might be misrepresenting the office I am running for and therefore clarify that I would be their state representative in Richmond and not in Washington DC. Usually, they know that but they just want to hear my opinion on it. Which by the way, I am for health care reform but not in its current form that Washington is considering now.

RN: How important are these elections? Do they set statewide or national trends?

Tim Nank: Well, first off elections in general are very important and I wish more people turned out for them. It is a right and civic duty and everyone should participate. As for the latter part of your question, I am not sure if they set national trends. Although pundits/media seem to think that they do. I can tell you that this election here in Virginia is important. There are a lot of problems we are facing and they need to be nipped in the bud now before they get worse.

RN: Why has the GOP been losing some local and statewide contests recently, and how do we reverse the trend?

Tim Nank: I think possibly we got off message somewhere along the way. Look, almost any issue you look at both Dems and the GOP are going to agree that there is a problem. The differential is how do you tackle it? I think if the GOP can stay principled, try and work across the aisle and stay on message we can be successful.

RN: How do candidates compete in a more liberal Northern VA?

Tim Nank: We need to be able to work across the aisle. If we are going to see any progress on any issue such as transportation we need to work with the democrats not only of northern Virginia but the whole state. Otherwise, nothing ever gets accomplished and then the party blame game begins.

RN: Why do you think Bob McDonnell is doing so well against Creigh Deeds?

Tim Nank: Well, this is only an opinion because I have been so focused on my race but I think quite simply it is that McDonnell has had a message from the beginning. Sen. Deeds has not (until recently) and instead has been on the attack. McDonnell has been focusing on what needs to be discussed like the issues such as, transportation, education and jobs/economy. Whether you agree with McDonnell’s position or not he has been clear. Deeds on the other hand have not really stated his position. In fact, I ran into one person at the door and she said she was not sure who she would vote for Governor. She did say that although she was not sure if she agreed with McDonnell with regard to some issues she had no idea what Deeds is going to do or what his plan is. I think that says it all right there.