The Arlington Sun-Gazette, deep in the heart of Northern Virginia and the DC suburbs, has today endorsed Bob McDonnell for Governor!  Read it here.   This is outstanding news, and it is further proof that you can run a strong, positive, issues-oriented campaign and succeed.  While the Sun-Gazette  took Deeds to task for running what is nearly universally regarded as an unseemly, negative campaign, the Sun-Gazette gave strong positive reasons why it endorsed Bob McDonnell:

“But put the two candidates next to one another, and there is one candidate who has given thought about how he plans to lead the Old Dominion out of current economic conditions. Robert McDonnell.

McDonnell has the solid backing of the business community, which fears Deeds could become a tool of unions and environmentalist fringe groups, wrecking the bipartisan effort that has maintained the Old Dominion as one of the most business-friendly states of the 50. McDonnell has a plan for transportation upgrades; Deeds urges us merely to trust him to come up with a solution.

For those, perhaps a majority of Northern Virginians, who plan to vote for Deeds, we ask the question: What, besides the (D) next to his name, has he done this campaign season to engender enthusiasm or support? How will someone who has overseen such a debacle of a campaign manage to run the state government?

If voters can find suitable answers to those questions, Deeds is a reasonable choice. But, absent such answers, there is only one candidate who meets Virginia’s standards, and that is Robert McDonnell.”

The Sun-Gazette hits the nail on the head:  McDonnell has spent the better part of the last year devising detailed policies for the issues facing the Commonwealth:  jobs and, particularly here in NoVA, transportation.  And the question they ask of Northern Virginia D’s is a question I’ve wanted to ask for a long time — are the people putting Deeds signs in their yards simply doing it because he has a (D) next to his name?  Kudos to the Arlington Sun-Gazette for their endorsement and recognition that there’s only one candidate talking about how he would actually govern VA, and that’s Bob McDonnell.

This is simply FANTASTIC news for the McDonnell campaign.