People from all accross Virginia have been talking about what a great year this will be for Republicans. Even leading Democrats will tell you that their ticket isn’t as strong this year, or that our side is just connecting better. Check it out, I’m not making this stuff up. NLS did a recent post on the statewide races, and in his anaylsis, labeled all of the races as likely Republican or leaning Republican. You can read it here.

Even after “thesis-gate,” Bob McDonnell has been up in every credible poll. I was driving around Falls Church and Alexandria last night and I saw way more Republican signs from up and down the ticket than I did on the Democratic side.

But, lets not get complacent. Creigh Deeds and Democrats know that they’re in trouble. That’s why they keeping bring up a 20 year old thesis. Creigh Deed’s has changed his views on abortion, guns, and gay marriage, in last two years alone! Isn’t that more alarming?

This election is so important. Do what ever you can. Forward the video below, show your support on facebookKnock on Doors, make phone calls. We’re less than a month away!