October 2009

The Danny Smith campaign released a press release on the mailer. See it below:

The Danny Smith for Delegate Campaigns Calls on Kaye Kory to Denounce Misleading Campaign Mail Piece

(Falls Church, VA) The Danny Smith for Delegate Campaign is calling upon the Kaye Kory campaign to denounce a misleading and deceitful campaign mail piece paid for by the Democratic Party of Virginia.  The mailer, authorized by the 38th House of Delegates candidate Kaye Kory, falsely claims Republican Candidate Danny Smith stated he would cut a percentage of school funding that comes out of the State’s general fund.

The Danny Smith Campaign demands the Democratic Party of Virginia and the Kaye Kory Campaign apologize to the voters of the 38th District  for sending out a piece that blatantly misconstrues the truth and misleads thousands of voters.  Sending out a mailer with falsified information the Friday afternoon before the election is the kind of dirty campaign tactics that do not belong in Virginia.  The voters of the 38th District deserve to be represented by a leader who will not use deceitful campaign tricks to win votes.


In a mailer paid for by the Democratic Party of Virginia and Authorized by Kaye Kory, Kaye says that Danny Smith told the Northern Virginia Tea Party that he would cut Education funding.” Kaye also goes on to say  “He said that he would cut the % of  education funding that comes out of the state’s general fund…too much money has been spent on schools in the past nine years.”

Really? Did Kaye really think that she would get away with this? Here where the two questions that Kay could be referring to. They were taken from a survey from the Northern Virginia Tea Party. Next to both questions, Smith checked the “undecided” box and hand wrote “Depends what the money was spent on.”

2.The 2007 Update states (p. 7) that between 1998 and 2006, Virginia inflation-adjusted spending for public schools increased four times faster than enrollment (37 percent vs. 9 percent).

Question: The Increase in Virginia public-school spending between 1998 and 2006 was:

3. The 2007 Update states (p. 7) that between 1998 and 2006, inflation-adjusted budgets for Virginia four- year public colleges and universities increased three times faster than enrollment (46 percent vs. 15 – percent).

Question: Budget increases between 1998 and 2006 for Virginia’s four-year public colleges and universities were:

Once again, voters are presented with a clear choice. Do we want an independent thinker with proven leadership, or the same old tactics of yesterday’s politics? I think voters deserve something much better than this. That is why Red NoVA is strongly supporting Danny Smith for Delegate.

The Smith campaign has told me that they will be asking for an apology and for the DPV to stop sending out these mailers….DEVELOPING

Rich Lowry’s coverage of the Virginia gubernatorial race and Bob McDonnell have been great.  He’s got another great piece in today’s National Review Online, with, in my opinion, spot-on analysis of the Virginia race.  Check it out! 

Don’t forget to go GOTV this weekend.  The Alexandria and Fairfax Victory Offices will be open all weekend for GOTV calls and walks.  Please come out and make the final push to Victory!

NO. I recently went to a Providence District School Board Candidate forum in which that question was asked. John Jennison said No, saying that he could only commit to the next two years, meaning until his term expires. This looks like a career politician to me. Many people know that in 2011 Providence Supervisor Linda Smyth will be retiring. Is Jennison just using the school board to run for that seat in 2011?

Chris Decarlo said no, saying that he’ll be running for Delegate and Senate. So how can he be committed to the school board is he’s running in every election known to man?

On the other hand, Patty Reed gave a very different answer. She said “I’m committed as long as you have me..I’ll be here to stay. There are lots of issues to be worked on.” This is the kind of School Board member that we need. Many people think that (and rightly so) that candidates view the school board as a stepping stone into higher office. Its nice to see a refreshing change. This is why Red NoVA strongly supports Patty Reed for School Board.

In the 35th House District race to succeed Democrat Steve Shannon, who is running for attorney general, voters must decide between Democrat Mark Keam and Republican James Hyland.

Both are strong on education and transportation issues. In Hyland’s two previous bids for public office, he developed a fine grasp of the issues and a thorough sense of district residents’ priorities, and the district may benefit from a legislator caucusing in the majority in the Republican-controlled House.

While both candidates are viable, we think it’s time to give Hyland a shot.

A while back, I had some updates from a few NoVA campaigns. Here’s an update from the Barbara Comstock

“Momentum is clearly on our side.  The Virginia chapters of the National Federation of Independent Business and the Associated Builders and Contractors have given us their solid endorsement.  This is yet another testament to the fact that we are running an issues-oriented campaign that is focused on job creation, low taxation, less onerous regulation, and individual empowerment.

Our grassroots team is very enthusiastic and has been invaluable to our effort going back to the beginning of the year when we were knocking on doors with our winter coats on and going through the challenge of campaigning in the 95+ degree summer heat.  We have knocked on over 15,000 doors, made thousands of phone calls, and attended numerous events throughout the district.

Everywhere I go, the reaction we receive has been overwhelmingly positive.  Voters of the 34th District are concerned about jobs, transportation, and education.  They want a leader who will stand up for them in Richmond.

We are optimistic and excited about winning on November 3rd, but there is a lot of work to do in these final days.  We are campaigning very hard and are determined to finish this race strong.”

Is one-party rule coming to an end?  The Washington Post — the Post! — has endorsed Eric Brescia and Aaron Ringel for delegate.  Check it out here!  Here’s what the Post said:

District 47: Two excellent candidates–Republican Eric Brescia and Democrat Patrick Hope — are competing for this open seat. Mr. Hope, a health-care lobbyist, has 10 years of experience as a neighborhood activist and even longer expertise involving Medicaid and mental health issues. By contrast, Mr. Brescia, an economist who’s just 24, is a relative newcomer. However, he is exactly what the Republicans need in Northern Virginia: an independent-minded thinker who has fresh and specific ideas for how to save money in health care and make government work better. A Green Party candidate, Joshua F. Ruebner, has a long record of civic engagement but has not mounted a serious campaign.

District 48: Robert H. Brink, the Democratic incumbent, has held this seat for a decade, and in that time he’s barely faced a serious challenge. This year he has one in the form of Republican Aaron Ringel, a bright young combat veteran of the war in Iraq who works for a defense contractor. Mr. Brink is a competent legislator but he has opposed widening Interstate 66. That wins points with some homeowners who’d be directly affected but does little for the tens of thousands of commuters who suffer that road daily. Mr. Ringel takes a broader regional view of that issue.


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