Recently, the Falls Church News Express ran an article on Kaye Kory, in which she said that she has “a broad recognition from 38th district voters that taxes have to be raised.”

Shortly after, Danny Smith emailed his supporters. Here is what he had to say,

I have knocked on over 6,000 doors and spoken with more than 10,000 voters in our community and have not heard once “please raise my taxes!” Our community has been ignored for far too long, it is time for a representative who will really listen.

She also states in the article that she is a “liberal Democrat” which is someone our community cannot afford. We need someone in Richmond that will not take partisan baggage with them and be better suited to serve our neighbors.

Wow. Some strong words! If candidate Danny Smith is this passionate, I can’t wait to see Delegate Danny Smith! Please considering donating to his campaign!