There’s an article in today’s Alexandria Gazette about the, umm, lack of enthusiasm on the D side for Deeds.  Part of it is probably some raw feelings left over from the primary, where Deeds beat out Brian Moran, but part of it seems to be that the Deeds campaign is floundering.  Oh well.  The article by Michael Lee Pope, which appeared in today’s online Alexandria Gazette and is titled “Reaching Out”, can be found online here.  I’ve noticed the lack of grasroots enthusiasm for Deeds here in NoVA, but my evidence was mostly anecdotal.  Now there’s a little more proof.

The 8th District Republican Committee and Alexandria Republican City Committee issued a joint press release, the text of which is below:


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—September 17, 2009
Alexandria Republican City Committee—Chris Marston, 703-627-4679
Virginia 8th Congressional District Committee—Mike Ginsberg, 703-850-5017

Deeds Just Can’t Catch On In Northern Virginia
Lackluster Campaign Effort Concerns Local Alexandria Democrats

Bob McDonnell continues to outperform Creigh Deeds in Northern Virginia. Michael Lee Pope’s article in today’s Alexandria Gazette Packet cited Democrats worries that “Deeds’ campaign for governor has been having a hard time gaining traction.”

Deeds’ campaign manager, Joe Abbey, had to make a special trip to Alexandria to reassure Mayor Bill Euille, who has yet to even be asked to endorse Deeds, that the campaign wouldn’t ignore Northern Virginia.

Two local Democrats in the House of Delegates, David Englin and Adam Ebbin, expressed concerns about the campaign too. Del. Englin went so far as to describe the Deeds campaign as “uncomfortably silent” during the summer.

“If my candidate for Governor had no plan to address Virginia’s transportation problems and offered nothing new for Northern Virginians, an increasing share of the state’s electorate, I’d be uncomfortable about his silence too,” said Chris Marston, chair of the Alexandria Republican City Committee. “Bob McDonnell has a great transportation plan and has made outreach to Northern Virginia a key priority.”

Bob McDonnell’s Victory Office in Alexandria continues to break its voter contact goals and receive prominent visitors to rally local volunteers.

McDonnell himself visited one month ago and drew a packed house of energized supporters. In the last two weeks, the McDonnell Victory office has held events with Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota; Susan Allen, former first lady of Virginia; and Lt. Gen. C. Norman Wood, USAF (ret), a leader in the Veterans for McDonnell coalition.

“The energy and enthusiasm of our local Republican volunteers continues to amaze and impress me,” Mike Ginsberg, 8th Congressional District Republican Chairman, said. “From all the festivals we have attended and phone banking we have done, it’s clear there is tremendous grassroots support for the McDonnell campaign in Alexandria.”

Tonight, Jean Ann Bolling, wife of Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, will be visiting. Kay Coles James, founder of the Gloucester Institute, a leadership training center for young African American, and former director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, visits on Sunday. On October 10, Republican National Committee Co-Chair Jan Larimer, of Wyoming, will be at the office.

The article by Michael Lee Pope, which appeared in today’s Alexandria Gazette and is titled “Reaching Out”, can be found online at

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