Patty Reed

Patty Reed

As I mentioned a while back, Patty Reed is running for School Board in Providence district. I went to her kick-off and caught up with her afterwards to see how she thought it went. I’ll be sitting down with her later for a more in-depth interview.

-How do you think it went?

I was very pleased with the kick-off.  Although the event was scheduled from 3 – 5 PM, some people didn’t leave until 6:30 PM!  So yes, I think it went well.

-Did you sense positive energy from the room?

Absolutely.  My campaign supporters were especially receptive to my statements about creating greater transparency and accountability on the School Board to ensure we are getting the greatest bang for the buck out of our current $2.2 BILLION budget.  My campaign is about keeping what works and changing what doesn’t in order to protect class size, expedite renovations for all schools in need of repair, get kids and teachers out of trailers and provide competitive pay for teachers.

-Did you expect more people? less people? about right?

Given that it was a holiday weekend, I wasn’t sure how many people would be able to attend.  Since we had between 35-40 people, including two current and one former School Board representative and one Congressional candidate, I was very happy with that turnout.

-Given what you’ve experienced so far in the campaign, how are you now
better prepared to run?

Everyday I’m speaking with either former and current School Board members or teachers and parents who are deeply involved with our school system – getting their feedback and input on the important issues affecting today’s students like class size, the budget, teacher pay and rebuilding our infrastructure for tomorrow’s digital future.

I’m better prepared to run now because I know the issues from multiple viewpoints.  And I also know the tough questions to ask about the spending priorities in our schools.  It’s clear to all the parties I’m speaking with, that there is a lot of work to be done.  But I will stay focused on our kids and teachers 100%.  I’m not using this job as a stepping-stone to higher office and it’s not a hobby for me.  Parents and teachers can count on me to be their full-time voice on the School Board – but I can’t do it without their help.  So like any candidate, I can always use more volunteers and resources in order to get  my message out about FCPS accountability, School Board transparency and keeping the $2.2 BILLION budget focused on kids and the classroom.