I read this morning’s editorial about Bob McDonnell in this morning’s Washington Post in disgust.  And not only because they referred to 34-years-old as being “early middle age.”

Has there ever been a more transparent attempt by a newspaper to get their preferred candidate elected?  McDonnell is running a strong campaign, their anointed guy Deeds is floundering, so along the WaPo comes with a lifeline to try to resusitate Deeds, dredging up a 30-year-old paper.  McDonnell is talking about detailed transportation and energy plans, and they want to go back 30 years in time.  Does anyone really believe that if the shoe were on the other foot, and McDonnell were trailing Deeds badly, that the WaPo would go back and find something in Deeds’ past that took place 30 years ago to write about?  The question answers itself. 

And, if you have trouble answering it, consider the deep investigations the WaPo conducted into the theses of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Sonia Sotomayor, Hillary Clinton, and . . . you get the idea.

I mean, really.  I don’t like whining about liberal media bias; it’s a fact of life and we have to deal with it every day.  But could the WaPo be any more transparent about what they are doing?  I mean, can’t they at least pretend to be a little bit impartial?  Or are they really going to investigate only Republicans?   

The WaPo thinks it’s going to singlehandely pull Deeds across the finish line.  I think — and hope — there’s going to be a big backlash from Republicans and independents who are more interested in the substantive solutions McDonnell proposes, and not the vacuous nothings Deeds spouts (or doesn’t spout; has anyone even heard from him lately?).

One thing is true, though — they had this weapon in their arsenal, and they already used it.  And they did it in August, when it would have much greater impact in later September or October.  These guys are desperate to save Deeds, and had to pull this card out of the deck way earlier than they probably hoped.  I think it will be forgotten in a couple weeks, and McDonnell will continue to espouse real solutions for unemployment and transportation, and Deeds will continue to espouse no coherent message.