September 2009

At a recent political forum, both candidates were asked if they would break with their caucus on a vote. When answering the question, Danny Smith said that he would, claiming that he represents the people of the 38th District first, and that he is accountable to them. When it was Kaye Kory‘s turn, she yelled at somebody in the audience. I hope that the Kory campaign has the decency to apologize.

Danny is by far one of the strongest Delegate candidates that we have up here in Northern Virginia. Please help him out! I like Danny’s chances of winning more and more each day. Every time I interact with him or see him speak, I get more excited. I can’t wait to call him Delegate Danny Smith! Consider donating or going on a weekend walk.

Shortly after the event, the Smith campaign released the following press release,


September 30, 2009 (703) 300-7145

Candidate Kory’s Temper Flares at Local Forum

FALLS CHURCH —- The Providence District Council hosted the first political forum of the fall campaign season last night. House of Delegates candidate Danny Smith was in attendance while his opponent Kaye Kory arrived late. Kory claimed to have been late because of a conflict at another school, but sources from the school say she was not there. If Kory cannot be honest about the real reasons she was late to the voters who took time to attend the forum, how can she be trusted with your vote?

The forum was relatively relaxed and informal with cordial exchanges between the two candidates. Smith connected with the audience when he spoke on the issues, as well as getting laughs along the way. The forum did however take a turn for a few moments when the audience noticeably disagreed with Kory. Kory quickly and loudly scolded audience members, as she was noticeably irritated.

Smith outlined his plans to look at options other than raising taxes to fix our transportation problems in Northern Virginia. Kory continued to present herself as the pro big government and higher taxes candidate without presenting any clear vision on how to strengthen our community.

Smith stated his support to sell state run liquor stores saying “I want to get government out of liquor quicker.” He cautioned that selling the stores is not a quick fix, but has the ability to inject close to half a billion dollars into transportation that can be matched from the Federal Highway Trust Fund. He believes that a bi-partisan commission should be established to study the transportation problems we are facing and report back to the House of Delegates.

To see clips from last night’s Providence District Council Candidate Forum, check out the video:

This just released by the 8th Congressional District Republican Committee:

September 28, 2009

Chris Marston, 703-627-4679

Mike Ginsberg, 703-850-5017


Herring Uses Non-Profit to Solicit Campaign Contributions

The re-election campaign of Del. Charniele Herring illegally used the resources of a 501(c)(3) public charity to solicit funds for her campaign, breaking not just one Federal tax law, but two provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and one provision of Virginia’s campaign finance laws.

Today, Mike Ginsberg, chairman of the 8th Congressional District Republican Committee wrote to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, the secretary of the State Board of Elections, and the chairman of the board of directors of the DC Cancer Consortium to alert them to the Herring campaign’s illegal activities. Copies of the letters are attached.

Susan Lowell Butler, executive director of the DC Cancer Consortium, used the resources of the public charity for whom she works to send out invitations soliciting contributions for Herring’s re-election campaign at “A Girlfriends Luncheon & Fundraiser” at Tempo Restaurant next Sunday. In addition to Ms Butler, the host committee for the event includes prominent women Democrats in Alexandria–Senator Patsy Ticer, Councilwoman Del Pepper, former state delegate Marian Van Landingham, Mame Reiley and the wives of several elected officials and former elected officials.

The invitations offers “Best Friend Forever” or “BFF” status to $500 donors and asks that donors contribute through the liberal Democratic fundraising group, ActBlue, or by sending a check.

“It’s clear that the IRS and the State Board of Elections won’t be Del. Herring’s ‘best friends’ any time soon,” said Ginsberg. “Using the resources of the DC Cancer Consortium, a great non-profit with an important mission, in a campaign isn’t just illegal, it’s wrong. Add to that the Herring campaign’s failure to follow even the most basic rules for disclaimers on political solicitations and you get a good sense of why Herring’s lackluster campaign attracts so few voters in the 46th District.”

The e-mail was sent to an unknown number of individuals using a list maintained on the DC Cancer Consortium’s e-mail system called

A copy of the e-mail message and Chairman Ginsberg’s letters are attached.

It’s good to see Bob McDonnell fighting back against Creigh Deeds’ spate of negative attacks.  It is obvious Deeds has nothing to say about any major issue.  He said nothing, absolutely nothing, in Northern Virginia of any consequence until the thesis stuff came out, and then he seized on that and ran a bunch of ads.  Any campaign who’s momentum — such as it is — is based on a 20-year-old thesis rather than the more recent 15-year legislative and AG record of its opponent is a campaign that has nothing to offer the Commonwealth.  If Deeds had something worth saying, he would have said it a long time ago.  Maybe in one of those debates he was scared to attend.

What’s worse, though, is that his ads are sheer lies.  And the press — the real press in Virginia, not the DNC-talking-points-spewing Washington Post or MSDNC — has begun to notice.  That’s the basis of McDonnell’s new ad, shown below:

What I like about the ad is that the criticism is coming from the media itself, rather than McDonnell.  McDonnell doesn’t have to call Deeds a liar — the press has caught on that his campaign is based on lies and distortions. 

Deeds is trying to scare people into voting for him, particularly with his ads in Northern Virginia.  He can’t sell himself at all — no real ideas to sell — so he’s just trying to scare people into not voting for McDonnell.  I think — and hope — that people will see through Deeds’ desperate gambit.

Amiral with Cuccinelli

Amiral with Cuccinelli

John Amiral is the Republican candidate for Delegate in VA’s 87th district. I recently sent him a questionnaire on why he was running and on his views. Below were his responses. Enjoy! Mr. Amiral is a great candidate and has a great message. When I met him at the convention in May, he displayed a great deal of excitement for the election and for our party.

Red Nova: Why run for Delegate?

John AmiralThe 87th district is my home. As a father, a business owner, and a veteran, I share the same concerns with many people in my district.

Our community needs a leader who will stand up for them, embrace the community, and work hard to improve our economy, education and transportation.

Our community, veterans and small-business owners need an advocate in Richmond. Our community needs someone who values the civic engagement and understands our economic needs. Our veterans need someone who understands what it is like to be away from home and in harms way. Our small-business owners need someone who likewise works hard to make a living in tough economic conditions, who likewise is affected by the economic downturns, who knows what it means to provide healthcare to its employees, and who is affected by high tax rates. Our seniors need someone who truly cares about them the most.

My Faith and time spent serving our country has reinforced these beliefs in me.

RN: How are you running your campaign?

Amiral: You will find no greater example of diversity and teamwork than the team I have assembled. Our team is diverse in age, race, and political orientation. The most energizing part of our campaign is the focus and self-direction you will see in our team members.

My campaign is all based on grassroots.

RN: What sorts of issues will you be focusing on?


– Jobs/businesses/economy

– Education

– Transportation

– Veterans

– Seniors

RN: What can be done to improve Virginia roads?

Amiral: We need to make transportation solutions a priority. We need to involve the private sector in this endeavor. We need alternative tunnels and bridges along with the existing ones in order to reduce the traffic congestion. Government cannot do it alone. The reason USSR and many other communist regimes fell is because the government was trying to do it all. It didn’t work. We have the best Free Market Economy in the world, which works for the most part. Why not to expand this to the transportation and healthcare systems?!

RN:What can be done to improve Virginia schools?

Amiral: Teachers need better financial incentives in failing schools and more support from state and local government.

We need to increase the role of Churches and other community organizations in getting parents better involved with the activities of their children.

We need to eliminate drugs and gangs from schools.

Preventative programs must be better supported and funded with the help of the government, private sector, and the community. I support Bob McDonnell’s work with the GRIP program in Richmond and I look forward to its implementation here in Hampton Roads. Its that kind of involvement that is needed to help our youth see the alternatives and opportunities that they have.

Also we must support restrictions and penalties for harmful behaviors that we have seen create disruptive and sometimes violent outcomes making it, at times, impossible for the educational process to take place.

RN: What sorts of issues do you think Virginia families are talking about now?

Amiral: Families are feeling a lot of pressure with the economic situation.

A priority for any family right now is jobs. You cannot provide for your family and children without a job.

Equally as important would be healthcare. Families are concerned with the various opinions and conflicts that are held over healthcare amongst elected leaders. Their concern is protecting their children and themselves against any routine or unforeseen sickness.

Meantime, our children deserve better educational opportunities. In the 21st century global economic environment, we need to have the best education system in the world, in order to remain competitive with other countries. We need to include the “need for education” in the educational process.

RN: How important are these elections? Do they set statewide or national trends?

Amiral: All elections are very important, since they determine our future and affect our daily life. The outcome of these upcoming elections will be particularly interesting, since they will set the trend for mid-term and national elections. These elections will affect our country’s future direction for the next decade and beyond.

RN: Why has the GOP been losing some local and statewide contests recently, and how do we reverse the trend?

Amiral: I strongly believe in the principles of the party of Lincoln. However, with two-party politics, people want change every so often. After having Republicans run the country for the past 8 years, people wanted a change. Recently, people started realizing that some of the changes are not in the best interest of our country. I believe these elections will start the reverse trend.

There you go! For more on John’s campaign, visit his website.

Recently, the Falls Church News Express ran an article on Kaye Kory, in which she said that she has “a broad recognition from 38th district voters that taxes have to be raised.”

Shortly after, Danny Smith emailed his supporters. Here is what he had to say,

I have knocked on over 6,000 doors and spoken with more than 10,000 voters in our community and have not heard once “please raise my taxes!” Our community has been ignored for far too long, it is time for a representative who will really listen.

She also states in the article that she is a “liberal Democrat” which is someone our community cannot afford. We need someone in Richmond that will not take partisan baggage with them and be better suited to serve our neighbors.

Wow. Some strong words! If candidate Danny Smith is this passionate, I can’t wait to see Delegate Danny Smith! Please considering donating to his campaign!

Del. Chuck Caputo (HD67 Chantilly/Centreville) has been trying to convince his constituents that he really did participate in the whole 2008 Special Session II on transportation, claiming that Republican Jim LeMunyon has distorted his record.

He sent out direct mail quoting Del. David Englin (HD45 Alexandria) in an attempt to prove he participated.

Here’s the problem. During the six day special session (6/23-6/27; 7/9), the House minutes show that Del. Englin was absent for two days (House Minutes, 6/24; House Minutes, 6/25 ) and that Del. Caputo was absent for the final day–when all the consequential votes were taken (House Minutes, 7/9).

So, for at least half of the six days of session, Englin and Caputo certainly weren’t working together; they weren’t even in attendance at House sessions together on three of those days.

During that session, 11 bills were passed by both House and Senate and signed by the Governor (Acts of Assembly Chapters). Del. Caputo is listed as not casting a vote on the House’s final passage for any of the 11 bills (Roll Call Votes on HB 6009, HB 6010, HB 6016, HB 6022, HB 6027, HB 6028, HB 6045, HB 6054, SB 6017, SB 6018, SB 6019).

And if the official record is not enough, comments on live-blog coverage by, you guessed it, Del. Englin, indicate that Del. Caputo was not in the House on July 9 (see Feeling the Heat, Chuck Caputo Lashes Out on TooConservative)

Del. Englin falsely defending Del. Caputo Del. Englin falsely defending Del. Caputo
Details of Caputo's Alleged Participation Details of Caputo’s Alleged Participation

The WSJ’s editorial page has a column this morning by one of my favorite columnists, Kimberley Strassel.  She’s got a great take on how the national Democratic agenda is hurting Creigh Deeds, and how the gubernatorial election is a barometer of how the country is reacting to the Washington Democrats’ agenda. 

She points out, as the RPV has been saying for sometime, that you can tell a lot about Deeds from his donors.  Namely, unions that want to destroy card check, and national Democrats who are desperate for a victory so they can keep Blue Dogs on board for their crazy health care reform schemes.  It is a great article and a must read.

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