I don’t know why this always happens when I’m out of town, but for some reason news always breaks when I’m traveling.  I only read this morning about the Confederate Flag flap, and in catching up I see Deeds is putting more emphasis on abortion. 

This strikes me as a campaign in trouble.  The Confederate flag flap seems to be “manufactured” (to coin a phrase) by the Dems, but at the very least another strike on the Dems for an inaccurate portrayal of events at that Richmond gun show.  And Deeds’ new focus on abortion seems, well, a little out of touch in light of serious economic concerns we have facing us.

Deeds is flailing.  He has no signature issue, he has no discernable platform, and here in Northern VA, he seems to have no natural constituency or base of support, leading to what I perceive to be a perceptible “enthusiasm” gap among Democrats.  Bottom line — Deeds seems almost unserious.  Bob McDonnell, meanwhile, is rolling out serious policy proposals at every stop attuned to voters’ concerns about the economy, jobs, card check/right to work, etc.

When I get back this weekend, I will be going door to door for the ticket, and you can too.  We’ll have a great group meeting at Alexandria Victory HQ starting at 10 a.m. this Saturday — please join us if you can.  Alexandria Victory HQ is at 1219 First St. in  Alexandria.