Jim LeMunyon for Delegate

Recently, Red NoVa had a one-on-one with Jim LeMunyon, candidate for delegate in the 67th district! We talked about why he felt compelled to run, issues of importance, and local politics. Let’s take a look!

Red NoVa: Why run for House of Delegates?

Jim LeMunyon: I’m frustrated that we haven’t made more progress  in transportation problems in the 26 years that I have been here. I think that the incumbent is a nice guy, but I don’t think he’s done enough.

RN: What issues will you be focusing on?

JLM: Transportation and Education are both important. People are concerned about drug abuse and crime as well.

RN: What about the environment?

JLM: It is not a single issue, but it is often discussed that way…It can include the Chesapeake Bay, what people recycle…There are a whole range of things. One of those things we can do is expand the federal tax credit to the state level for people who want to have solar panels..

RN: How about spending issues?

JLM: Listing state expenses on the internet…It’s not a new idea and its a no-brainer. The sheer fact that its public discourages frivolous projects.

RN: Why has the GOP been unsuccessful recently in VA? How do we reverse the trend?

JLM: As much as its a state or local election, its all if you have a R or D next to your name at the Federal level..then we like you or don’t like you at the state or local level.  Lot’s of people didn’t like George W. Bush. It didn’t matter who you were, it probably cost you 5 or 6 points at least.

What people needed to get out of their system they got out, especially the independents. Quality of the party brand is one thing, but we have to run good candidates.

RN: Will it work if the Republicans this year are compared to Bush?

JLM: No, but I know they are going to try…. I’ve talked to all kinds of people, people who’ve loved him or can’t stand him, and I think people are generally over him. If they want to compare us to George Bush, then they might as well compare us to Dwight Eisenhower.

RN: How are you running your campaign?

JLM: I’m running on results and ideas, or lack there off [from my oppenent.] Voters understand that roads are not Republican roads or Democratic roads, but everyone’s roads….

You got to have that conversation door to door. It’s important.

There you go! Another great candidate! Check out http://www.lemunyon09.com/ for more info.